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The Polls Have Now Opened

July 30, 2008 by  
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debstan1′s Zodiac contest has now closed and it is now up to you guys to vote for who was the best! You can vote here by leaving a text comment response for the video. Be sure to look at all the entries and decide whose makeup you liked the best! You can view the entries […]

Movable MAC Palette Labels!

July 28, 2008 by  
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There used to be a point in time when I could simply look at one of my eye shadows and tell you which color it was without looking at the label and without hesitating. Since my collection has grown though, eye shadows have been moved around in my palettes and I have since forgotten which […]

“Mamma Mia! Here She Goes Again!”

July 28, 2008 by  
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“My, my! How can you resist” Pursebuzz and her milk maid braids!! Sorry for the singing…the opening picture she has in the videos is from “Mamma Mia” (I think…I’m pretty sure. Haven’t seen it yet…any reviews?) Anyhoo, I’ve always loved the braided headband look but since I don’t know how to French braid, I’ve never […]

Crown Brushes Review

July 22, 2008 by  
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A while ago, I posted an entry about my favorite brushes and recommended as a good substitute for MAC brushes. Since I wrote the post, Crown Brushes has updated their site and

EnKoreMakeup’s Anniversary Contest

July 22, 2008 by  
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OMG! Talk about some REALLY great prizes! If you’re a contest freak, go enter. All you have to do is nominate yourself

Do You Believe In Magic?

December 29, 2007 by  
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If not, you may want to think again. Having tiny to non-existent lashes can be a thing of the past. Pursebuzz did a video review of Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer. Based off the results I’m seeing with her lashes, I may just have to give this stuff a try! Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait patiently […]

New Youtube Makeup Group!! Spread the Word!

December 6, 2007 by  
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Well I’d explain here, but the video is pretty self-explanatory.

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