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kuuipo1207 Wants To Know…

September 15, 2009 by  
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I’m thinking about starting a new section on the ol’ blog page here, highlighting the most important person to this website and to my videos…YOU! I’d like to see your recreations of the videos I’ve done and the videos to come and I was wondering if you all would be interested in seeing reader/subbie recreations […]

kuuipo1207 Wants To Know…

July 10, 2009 by  
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[poll id="10"] Alright, so here’s one of those good ol’ “makeup rules” set in place by who knows, and we’re gonna put under the microscope. So, do you or don’t you? And why? Is there a time and place for matching and not matching? Let’s elaborate in the comments. I personally think of makeup as […]

Look of the Week Poll

March 13, 2009 by  
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Just a quick reminder about the Look of the Week Poll. I know I talked about it briefly in my Arabic makeup video so just thought I’d put out a little reminder. The poll will close on March 19th at midnight Central Standard Time. That means all you Hawaiian honeys need to get your votes […]

Make Your Vote Count!

January 8, 2009 by  
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Hey guys! I just wanted to point out that I started doing polls to find out what you guys would like to see in the next video tut! I have tons of video requests that I’m trying to wade through, so rather than just picking 1 random look out of the 100+ requests, I figured […]

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