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Review: Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips

September 16, 2011 by  
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Hey everyone! So last week, I posted a quick Pre-Review on Crest’s 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips. I noticed how my teeth yellowed a bit around my gums and had been wanting to try out one of the many do-it-yourself whitening kits that are on the market today. So when I was approached to review Crest’s 3D White 2-hour Express Whitestrips, I thought what a great opportunity!

Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips

Now, the details of the product. One box comes with 4 sets of strips. One strip set is equal to one treatment, and no more than one treatment is needed per a 3-month period. So basically, one box will last you for 1 year, with 1 treatment taking place every 3 months.

As promised, here are the results:


First Impression: In all honesty, when I first removed the strips and glanced in the mirror, I did not see a notice a drastic change in my results. I still don’t notice a change in the pictures of my before and after. So, admittedly, I was rather disappointed on first glance.

Closer Inspection: However, when I took a closer look, I did happen to notice that, where my teeth were a bit yellowed towards my gums, were a bit whitened. While this did make me happy for a brief moment, it did not make me feel convinced that the product is the best one on the market. This product may not give you the instant whitening you are expecting to see like in the commercials, and it may not give you “THE” white smile you’ve always wanted, but it does at least point in the right direction.

Cons: It has been a few hours since I completed the treatment, and I have noticed that my teeth and gums are feeling a bit sensitive. I have a rather high tolerance for pain, and it takes quite a bit for my teeth to feel sensitive, so I feel like people who may have sensitive teeth already would definitely not like this product after applying.

Pros: The strips are rather easy to apply and don’t take a lot of rocket science. Just peel the strip off of the plastic, and apply the gel side to your teeth, set a timer for 2 hours, and forget about it. The strips fit easily onto your teeth, and for the most part, are not really so noticeable. In fact, my friend had called me about 20 minutes after I applied the strips, and went out to pick her up and run some errands around time. I was able to hold a conversation without any difficulty as the strips didn’t move around like I was expecting.

Overall, this would be one of those products that I could either take or leave. Nothing too stellar astounded me with it, and the fact that my teeth are feeling a bit sensitive is a major turn-off. I will more than likely continue with the remaining three treatments of the course of the next year, but will I purchase the product once I’m out of treatments? More than likely…no.

Wanna give them a shot for yourself and see how you fare? Check out any of the links below for more information, and for coupons if you plan on purchasing the product to try it out…

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I was given this product for free to review as part of the Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips campaign hosted by One2One Network. By participating in this campaign, I am also eligible for additional incentives provided by One2One Network, however all opinions are completely unbiased and 100% my own.

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