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The Coolest Nail Tut Ever!!

August 9, 2010 by  
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This has to be the coolest nail tut I have seen in a while! I never knew that you could put nail polish in water and have it work like it does in this video! Thanks to JESblankets for this video tutorial!


3 Responses to “The Coolest Nail Tut Ever!!”
  1. ciaraVera says:

    I love this idea! But when I tried it the nail polish sunk to the bottom of the glass in little ball shapes, and when it tried to swirl through the colours that sort of blended, the polish clung to the toothpick and can off the water like a skin :-/ Any ideas how I can fix this?

  2. Catherina says:

    Hi ciaraVera. I think the nail polish sunk and clung to the toothpick because the water wasn’t warm enough. When this happened to me I just used hotter water (altought not too hot !!) Good Luck

  3. You know if you put the nail on the outside ring of the design and not in the middle and don’t push your finger all the way thru. Just dip the nail with your hand flat instead of submerging it and you will only get a little polish on the sides of your nail and you will be able to do all 10 nails. China Glaze will show you how on their site.

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