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MAC Dare To Wear Eye Shadows

August 4, 2010 by  
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So I splurged. I splurged bad. I haven’t set foot in a MAC store for quite a while now and with good reason. Every time I end up in a MAC store, I buy stuff that I really, truly, honestly don’t need, but that I really, truly, honestly can’t see myself not having! I’m such an impulse buyer for makeup! It’s horrible!

Anyhoo, I figured I’d take some mighty good pictures of the Dare to Wear collection that MAC just released last week, and post them for you guys to see. Two of the colors, Winkle and Atlantic Blue, are a permanent colors, so it’s not a necessity to run out and get them if you don’t have them. A few of the colors from the collection are MAC Pro colors, so if you have a MAC Pro store near you, or have access to, you don’t need to rush out to get these “limited edition” colors, either. I also know that one of the colors, Going Bananas, is a repromote from MAC’s C-Shock collection back in 2007. The others though, are limited edition colors. Here are the eye shadows from the collection. I also got the lipglasses and will post pictures of those. Swatches will follow up for all the shadows and glosses as well, so stay tuned!! ;)

MAC Dare to Wear Collection

MAC Dare to Wear eyeshadow in direct sun light

MAC Dare to Wear eye shadows in overcast lighting

MAC Dare to Wear Free To Be eye shadow

MAC Dare to Wear Louder, Please eye shadow

Repromote from 2007′s C-Shock.
MAC Dare to Wear Going Bananas eye shadow

MAC Pro color.MAC Dare to Wear Aqua eye shadow

MAC Pro color.MAC Dare to Wear Lime eye shadow

MAC Dare to Wear Sassy Grass eye shadow

MAC Pro color.MAC Dare to Wear Sky Blue eye shadow

MAC Dare to Wear Zingy eye shadow

Permanent MAC color.MAC Dare to Wear Winkle eye shadow

Permanent MAC color.MAC Dare to Wear Atlantic Blue eye shadow

MAC Dare to Wear Crazy Cool eye shadow

MAC Dare to Wear Shock-a-holic eye shadow


3 Responses to “MAC Dare To Wear Eye Shadows”
  1. Jools says:

    Oh I feel sooooooooooooooooooooo much better now I know someone else went mad at MAC. I went a bit wild online and got all the Dazzle Lipsticks, the Dare to Wear glosses and the other 3 from Alice and whatever. I am a bad bad girl but those lippies were so unusually I couldn’t help myself :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  2. Chrystal says:

    I would love to see you do a tutorial with these new MAC Colors: Free to be, Louder please, and Shock-a-holic. I have a few ideas in my head on how I would like to wear them but I could use more ideas if you don’t mind please! LOL I really enjoy your tutorials. You really need to get into looking on being a makeup artist, you do a fabulous job girl! Keep up the good work. And I hope you can do that tutorials on those colors. Thanx

  3. slots says:

    i allways love to wear eye shadows and colours you have aded are rare.

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