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Body Jewelry Haulage

June 13, 2010 by  
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Hey everyone! I’m not sure if many of you notice or if they’re even noticeable in my videos to begin with, but I have quite a few piercings in my ears. Here’s a quick list of my peircings…

Each of my ears have four piercings in the bottom lobe area. My right ear has an industrial piercing (I am actually wearing separate barbells in the holes right now), and both of my ears have tragus piercings. I actually want to get a helix piercing on my left ear, but that will have to wait for a bit.

Anyhoo, my tragus piercings are my newest piercings (got them in April), and the piercer used horseshoe rings for them. These, however, were irritating my ears, so after doing some research, I decided to get some new barbells. I also figured that since I was making this purchase, that I would go ahead and buy some new industrial bars cause all the bars I’ve had before have been too short for my ear. Here’s what I got:

The jewelry was packaged in individual little baggies, and then those baggies were put into a bigger baggie with a sticker of the company’s logo. Because I had it sent 2nd-day delivery through UPS, all the jewelry came packed in a small cardboard box, securely settled in between bubble wrap.
Body Jewelry Haul

If you want to check out the site I got my jewelry from, you can click on the link below and start browsing!

Here’s everything outside of the bigger little baggie.
Body Jewelry Haul

These are the curved barbells that I got for my tragus piercings. Because I wasn’t sure of the length I needed, I got 3 different lengths. These are all the same gauge size though, at 16. The light sapphire barbells is 3/8″ long (10mm), the crystal barbells are 5/16″ long (8mm), and the dark green barbells are 1/2″ long (13mm). Each set cost $2.99.
Jeweled curved barbells

Jeweled curved barbells

Because I haven’t worn a barbell in my industrial piercing pretty much since I got it done, I wasn’t sure if the holes for the piercing would still line up for a long straight barbell. So I decided that just in case it didn’t, that I would get this for the part of the industrial piercing that’s on the helix of my ear. The one I really wanted on the site was sold out, so I settled for this one (which looks similar to the one I really wanted, so it wasn’t that big of a loss). This helix dangle jewelry was $7.99.
Helix earring

Helix earring

Helix earring

And lastly, I got some longer barbells for my industrial to try out. The barbell that the piercer originally used for my piercing wasn’t long enough and was causing my ear to swell because of the pressure being put on the pierced areas. And any barbells that I purchased from Spencers or Hot Topic were the same length as the jewelry the piercer used as well. Luckily, Painful Pleasures allows you the opportunity to pick your own length of barbell. As an added bonus, the 2 regular straight barbells are internally threaded, which means I won’t have to feel the screw thread going through my piercings! Less ouch sounds good to me! Both of the straight barbells were $3.99 each, and the BITCH barbell was $7.99.
Industrial Barbells

These are 14 gauge barbells. The first barbell length is 1-3/4″ (44mm) with 6mm balls, the second is 2″ (52mm) with 5mm balls, and the “BITCH” barbell is 1-3/4″ (44mm) with 5mm balls. They have other barbells that have different words on them as well, but I figured I’d test out the regular straight barbells first to make sure the holes still lined up before going on a barbell-buying-rampage to buy everything under the sun that they offered. lol
Industrial Barbells

If you’re ever interested in buying from Painful Pleasures, in my opinion, they are a very good company. I’ve made purchases from them before and have never had a bad experience. They offer multiple options for shipping, and they have a TON of jewelry for other body piercings, not to mention the option to pick your own ball size on some jewelry as well at bar lengths and ring circumferences!

I am not affiliated with Painful Pleasures.


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