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Review: Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Palette

March 22, 2010 by  
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Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Palette

A while back, I bought this palette from Ulta. Now I’ll admit, while I’m not one to buy makeup because of the packaging, I couldn’t resist the urge to not get this palette. I love Ed Hardy…especially the “Love Kills Slowly” prints and designs…so much so that the interior of my car is decked out in Love Kills Slowly seat covers, steering wheel cover, and floor mats. Obsessed? Hardly. In love with the idea? Absolutely. Haha. So naturally, when I saw this palette, I HAD to have it.

Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Palette

The first noticeable feature of the palette is the lighter mirror. I LOVE it! But maybe I’m just being partial since it’s the first palette I’ve owned with a light up mirror, haha!

Before I bought it, I played with the colors first a bit to make sure that the product would actually be worth the money. Initially, I thought the colors were pretty basic. I have other colors that I could use to substitute, but I broke down and bought the palette anyways.

Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Swatches

That being said, once I got home and started to play with the palette, I wasn’t really that impressed. The eyeshadows are a bit too shimmery for my likes, but if you happen to love shimmer, than you’ll love this palette. Another thing that put me off about this palette was how similar the lighter eyeshadow colors were to each other…not just to other colors I already own from other brands. Despite the lack of originality in color choices, the eyeshadows blend pretty easily if you’re using the right tools. I’ve noticed that the fluffier the brush, the messier the blending, so when using this palette, you may want to stick with firmer brushes or use sponge applicators. As a side note, the black eyeshadow is a bit chalky.

Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Swatches

The lip glosses are great. They range from a barely there color with lots of shimmer to a plum-my dark pink to a bright-knock-your-socks-off hot pink! The glosses go on fairly smoothly and evenly whether you use your finger or a lip brush.

Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Swatches

My favorite product of the palette is the bronzer. It’s a bit light for me to use as a bronzer, but the amount of shimmer/sparkle it has to it is perfect for adding a dewy effect on sun-kissed cheeks. The bronzer is so light on me that you may not be able to see the swatch of it on the side of the eyeshadows and lipglosses in the pictures. Just in case you can’t tell, the swatch of the bronzer is off to the left. ;)

Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Swatches

Ultimately, would I recommend this palette for a purchase? Honestly, I’d have to say no; especially if you’re a makeup junkie like me. While the colors are nice, they’re nothing that can’t be replaced or duped. Plus, in my honest opinion, since 3 of the 6 eyeshadow are so similar, it’s more like you’re only getting 3 different eyeshadows. The lip glosses are great, but I’m not about to tote around the whole palette for when I need a touch-up or need to reapply after eating…but that’s just me.


8 Responses to “Review: Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Palette”
  1. Shifa says:

    wow I love the packaging and the colors dont seem bad too :)

  2. I have to agree with you about the makeup, but like you said it’s Ed Hardy so what the hell you know! I was wondering I have tinkering lately with some ideas on how to recreate a twilight look! The whole sparkly part is kind of a fave for me. I was wondering what you think would really work best to give that really shiny look to your face?

  3. Becky15349 says:

    Hey Francine! Great review!! I agree, the colors are pretty basic – I’ll have to check out the palette in person sometime. I have a hard time with blue shadows and all the silverish shades look the same. But OMG the lighted mirror? That is awesome. WAY awesome. I don’t blame you for buying just because of the packaging tho!! There is an entire industry of people employed that work on JUST product packaging – and they do an awesome job.

    Sidebar: Something I think you might like, because the colors are beautiful: I recently bought the eyeshadow palette at Victoria’s Secret from Heidi Klum’s Exotic jewels collection and I have to tell you – the colors are amazing AND the packaging is gorgeous. I think you would love it, and the shadows are good quality; I think they are comparable to MAC, and so wearable.

    Thanks again for the review! I appreciate you letting us know about it on facebook, that’s how I found out about it!! :D


  4. ed hardy says:

    A little cold is not repelled women’s love of the skirt, let alone the most popular of Floral dress.

  5. uk ed hardy says:

    the colors are amazing AND the packaging is gorgeous. I think you would love it, and the shadows are good quality; I think they are comparable to MAC, and so wearable.

  6. beautyfiend83 says:

    OK…I dont feel soo bad now either cus i pretty much brought it on packaging too…lol…and like you my car is decked out with the love kills slowly deco too! but yea the shadows to me are just okay. Great review!

  7. Aasha says:

    They had the Geisha set on clearance for 19.99 so I broke down and picked it up. I have the bag the wallet the perfume ect ect So I bought it because I was in need of makeup and the solid perfume is a neat option. I got to say for twenty dollars I’m happy with it I don’t know if I could justify more tho.

  8. esteeem says:

    ive got this palette.. and bought it just coz it looked pretty, with the lights! my favourite is the bronzer too, although the shadows arent tooooo bad! not as great as other brands obviously but im a makeup collector now so this had to be added to the collection!

    check my blog if poss:


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