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Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland vs. Book of Shadows Vol. II

January 28, 2010 by  
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Are you excited about Urban Decay’s new Alice In Wonderland palette? Are you ready to rush out to your nearest Sephora or Ulta and scoop it up into your makeup collection with welcoming arms? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may want to put your amped-up-debit-card into low gear, look at the swatches below and save yourself $52…especially if you already have the Book of Shadows Volume II palette in your possession!

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland vs. Book Of Shadows Vol. II

Any of you who frequently comment in makeup forums may already be familiar with the rumor that Urban Decay re-packages previous collections with different names and releases them into the wild with a lot of hype about how great the new limited edition product is. Well, considering the fact that UD recently came out with their Alice In Wonderland (AIW) palette, I decided to do some comparison swatches with the Book of Shadow Volume II (BOS II) palette that I got back in December. Let’s just go ahead and put this whole nasty rumor to rest…wait. Actually…gee! These colors actually DO look a lot alike (all images are clickable). AIW is swatched in its entirety on the top row. BOS II is swatched beneath AIW and as small dots on top of AIW.

Beneath AIW are swatches from BOS II. Here are the list of colors as the compare to each other from Left to Right (the first color listed is from AIW. The colors they’re vs. are from BOS II):

  • Underland vs. Ecstasy
  • Alice vs. Jinx (Flipside is also swatched beneath Jinx and above Alice).
  • Oraculum vs. Half-Baked.
  • Queen vs. Sphynx.
  • Chessur vs. Nylon (Nylon is swatched above Chessur).
  • White Rabbit vs. YDK (beneath) vs. Sellout (above)
  • Wonderland (1 of the AIW shadows that didn’t have a match/close dupe)
  • Curiouser vs. AC/DC.
  • Muchness vs. Nylon.
  • Mushroom vs. Mushroom (real original name, don’tcha think?)
  • Midnight Tea Party vs. Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (beneath) vs. Sellout (above)
  • Vorpal vs. Misdemeanor (beneath) vs. Gunmetal (above)
  • Absolem vs. Homegrown
  • Drink Me, Eat Me vs. Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
  • Mad Hatter vs. Twice Baked
  • Jabborwocky vs. Perversion

How they compared in my eyes:
-Underland vs. Ecstasy- Even though Ecstasy has a darker undertone to it, it’s not considerably different from Underland.
-Alice vs. Jinx vs. Flipside- Alice is one of the few colors in this palette that doesn’t really have a dupe. Flipside comes close, but has a green duo-chrome effect to it that makes it difference from Alice. Jinx is simply to dark to compare with Alice.
-Oraculum vs, Half-Baked- Almost identical. Half-Baked doesn’t have as much of an orangey tone to it but the similarity is undeniable.
-Queen vs. Sphynx- Although I knew the two wouldn’t match, I still figured I’d swatch them. Queen is one of the few colors that didn’t have a dupe or a close match.
-Chessur vs. Nylon-- Identical
-White Rabbit vs. YDK (beneath) vs. Sellout (above)- White Rabbit doesn’t have an exact dupe but Sellout does come close to it. I don’t really care for White Rabbit anyways though due to the high amount of chunky glitter. Chunky glitter in eyeshadow = MAJOR glitter fallout EVERYWHERE which is a no go in my book.
-Wonderland- No comparison.
-Curiouser vs. AC/DC- No comparison.
-Muchness vs. Nylon- Muchness actually doesn’t match. But it’s dupe would be MAC’s Paradisco.
-Mushroom vs. Mushroom- I think the identical name gives it away.
-Midnight Tea Party vs. Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (beneath) vs. Sellout (above)- Midnight Tea Party and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (MCRA) are exact matches color-wise. The only difference between them is that MCRA has more glitter that Tea Party.
Vorpal vs. Misdemeanor (beneath) vs. Gunmetal (above)- No match. Both BOS II shades are much darker than Vorpal, however Silver Ring by MAC is an easy dupe for Vorpal.
-Absolem vs. Homegrown- They’re practically twins separated at birth.
-Drink Me, Eat Me vs. YDK- YDK is too dark of a brown to match Drink Me, Eat Me (DMEM). However, I have the same problem with DMEM as I do with White Rabbit…chunky glitter.
-Mad Hatter vs. Twice Baked- More twins. These could’ve been Siamese twins that were separated by the UD packaging team.
Jabborwocky vs. Perversion- Although the 2 look the same in the pictures, Perversion actually has a deep, dark green or teal shimmer to it. This shimmer, however, doesn’t stand out very much, hence, why these two colors look the same.

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland vs. Book Of Shadows Vol. II

I swatched the palettes earlier today, and within minutes I was ready to drive the 80+ miles back to Nashville to return my Alice in Wonderland palette. Out of all 32 colors, only 4 of them were truly different (Queen, Wonderland, Curiouser, and Vorpal) while the other were exact matches or close enough to get by without. I’m sorry Urban Decay, but adding chunky glitter to the same eyeshadow, providing a pop-up scene around the mirror and a new color name does not constitute a “limited edition” worthy title. In my opinion, it denotes a lack of imagination and effort in trying to create a “UNIQUE” color. If I wanted a chunky glitter color (along with glitter all over my face from the stupid eyeshadow) then I’ll add glitter myself. Expect to be receiving a slightly used Alice in Wonderland palette to your factory by Monday morning because I’m returning to re-packaged crap first thing Saturday when I head out to Nashville along with this lovely letter…

Dear Urban Decay Cosmetics,

I’m not an idiot and neither is the rest of the world. Stop mistaking us for people who can’t tell the difference between one eyeshadow and the next just because you put it in fancy new packaging with a pop-up mirror scene that would entertain a 5-year-old. Your lack of originality and your implication that the world is stupid is not flattering to your image. Please take your “iconic” packaging for your primer potion, and stick it you-know-where.

Best wishes for a more imaginative and unique future,



***Disclaimer:*** Trust me. Urban Decay sure as hell didn’t endorse this review, cause if they did, I’d probably be fired. Haha.


58 Responses to “Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland vs. Book of Shadows Vol. II”
  1. Julia says:

    Wow… something crawled up YOUR ass..

    The product says that they are existing, best-selling shadows… I guess you’re not a fan of UD because you look like a transvestite and probably opt for cheap products that your poor ass can afford. You didn’t make a discovery… maybe you’re just blind as well as being obviously fat and ugly..

  2. Amy says:

    You sound like you didn’t even give this palette a chance.. You start off so negative.. thats why I like temptalia and pursebuzz.. they start with an open mind, and then give their critqiues and you’re just a meanie to begin with… won’t be revisiting your site because your opinion doesn’t seem reliable at all.

  3. Christine says:

    You’re mean… UD is not my favorite, but they’re not being bitchy like you are. It’s called marketing.. if they thought their customers were stupid… they’d clearly market to just you and those who expect makeup to be practically free..

  4. jenna says:

    wow, you must have a huge arm to be able to fit all those swatches on it at once!

  5. Annie says:

    Hey, they look the same to me. Save your money and get the cheaper one, or if you already have one of the two don’t bother buying the other. I think this is all that Fran was saying, hell I would be pissed if I got something that was made out to be new and exciting that was just the old item refurbished a slight bit. Keep up the good work your opinion matters to some of us who aren’t obviously bias because they like UD so much.

  6. Janie says:

    Nope.. not biased here. Like UD, not love.. but this is super cute and I got it before it sold out on UD’s site.

    And you’re totally wrong on the breakdown.

    Underland – Flash
    Alice – Painkiller
    Oraculum – Baked
    Queen – Last Call
    Chessur – Chopper
    White Rabbit – Polyester Bride
    WONDERLAND – Maui Wowie
    Curioser – Grifter
    Muchness – X
    Midnight Tea Party – Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
    Vorpal – S&M
    Absolem – Homegrown
    Drink Me, Eat Me – Sin
    Mad Hatter – Twice Baked
    Jabberwocky – Oil Slick

  7. Alejandra says:

    Wow .. why all the hate and bad comments? This is her opinion. It actually is a great review and in all honestly I find her comments refreshing.

    Well maybe it’s just me But I never kiss a companies ass.. and seriously you guys have issues if you are taking it to this extreme because of her honest opinion. You act like Urban Decay is paying your bills.

    You are all showing your lack of self esteem by attacking her looks and it’s quite sad how your life must be. LOL I would never spend my good time, going to a blog to talk shit about someone’s looks. Pathetic lol.

    Personally, I found this great, keep it up beautiful. Don’t let the drama or the idiots keep you down.. to their sad level. Must suck not to have the self esteem you have!!


  8. Annie says:

    Never said you loved it… but hey each to thier own, no need to bag someone on thier looks for thier personal opinion, thats just wrong and really low to me. Fran is beautiful and she has some great ideas and opinions, dont burn her for one you don’t agree with.

  9. Olivia Brown says:

    #1: Urban Decay provided all of the information about the products being duplicates on their own website. Stop acting like you discovered the cure for Cancer.

    #2: You look like you got hit in the face with a shovel.

  10. J says:

    If you were sent the AIE palette from UD for free (like some of the gurus mentioned) of course you’re going to be more open to the fact you didn’t spend $50 on 16 shadows you already had. I’d be pissed too if I hadn’t already looked it up on sephora & saw there was nothing new. Why the sudden defense of UD by attacking Fran? That is ridiculous. She didn’t say anything wrong, they all are dupes, this is true. If you want to pay that much for a pretty box that’s your prerogative. Personally i don’t blame her.

  11. Mia says:

    I love how you “chicks” come on someone else’s blog to talk trash. If you don’t like what she wrote.. fine you are free to your opinion. Just as Fran is. But don’t sit here and write hateful comments when she took her personal time to review a product for those of us who happen to enjoy CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! If you feel its such a great product write your own damn blog so we can come on there and talk about how big your ass is.

    Fran: There are some of us WOMEN out here who value your opinion and appreciate the amount of your personal time you put into doing your videos and blog posts. Please don’t let the utter stupidity of these dumb ass broads stop you from doing so.


  12. Laura says:

    Ok, enough with the mean comments… Stay off her site if you have mean, rude, obnoxious comments…. She is entitled to her opinion and she saved me some $$$$$.. Thank you Francine. Yes, you seemed PO’d but people she drove 80 miles for it- I think I would be PO’d too. and please Francine ignore these obnoxious people who are obviously so fantastically beautiful that they don’t show there faces on their websites (that don’t exist) but make hateful comments on other looks…. Kandee Johnson gets very mean hurtful things on her blogs as well and its totally uncalled for…

    God Bless-

  13. Alexa says:

    I ordered it on their website. I love it. I honestly can appreciate it just for the palette design. I love the pop up design, similar to the book of shadows from 2008 holiday. I understood in advance that the colors would be basically the same, but I didn’t care. I wanted it and had to have it. And I am the envy of all my friends!

  14. Meg says:


    Thank you for the honest review. My reaction was EXACTLY the same as yours when I realized the shadows were repackages. I didn’t buy a palette but had seen some advance reviews and got excited… just to get really disappointed once i started really looking closely at them.

    As for some of the comments above… not everyone goes to to see the products. Heck, not everyone even goes to Nowhere that I went to look at them said anything about them being old colors, renamed. Now, they might have updated their information after I first looked and added that… but the end result was the same. I saw the product, and was not made aware in any way that they were renamed existing shadows.

    Above and beyond all that… SHAME on everyone personally attacking Fran’s personality or appearance because of this review. If you don’t agree, that’s fine… be as bitchy as you want in your comment as long as you’re talking about the review. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON OR EXCUSE for telling someone they look like they’ve been hit with a shovel simply bc you have your panties in a twist. Use your brains and formulate a coherent argument if you have a problem, don’t resort to childish tactics and act like a 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum.


  15. Zee says:

    Thanks for the review, Fran! Ignore these childish people that come in here to insult you personally because they didn’t like a review. They have some serious growing up to do.

    As far as the palettes go, it’s one thing to rename existing colors and put them in a palette, but it is completely ridiculous to put the same colors from one palette into another palette that is being released so soon after the first! I mean, at least put a year between releases or something!

  16. "B" says:

    Thank you Fran for this review! I was considering the AIW until I realized that the colors looked so much like the ones from the other palettes. I am glad I didn’t waste my time and money on this one (sorry you did). To be honest, I am insulted that UD thinks its consumers are not bright enough to figure out that they already have these colors. Thank you Fran for doing the research for the rest of us. Keep smiling!

  17. Rosie says:

    I too wish that UD had put new colors into this palette and not just renamed them but I do my research before buying a palette. And going to blogs or the company website or you know is a way for me to get information on a product. So, if you didn’t know it was repackaged and you’re reading this, now you do because Francine did your homework for you. I am missing three colors from this palette so I skipped out. I love UD too but, it’s stupid to buy a palette just for three colors and some pop up shit.

  18. Alex says:

    THANK YOU FRAN!!! I only wish I would have seen your review before I got so excited about it coming out on their website before having my friend buying it for me since I was out of town (she picked it up at midnight that same night it came out). Truth be told I think UD got lazy on putting out a creative and exciting palette for their loyal clients. Yes, the box is pretty and it’s very enticing, however, they can’t expect that there won’t be some kind of backlash for repackaging an already sold product that they are calling limited edition and plastering all over FB, twitter and their own website.

    Thank you for your honest review!! Wish others on YT and other outlets would have done the same! :)

  19. Jessica says:

    Wow! You have some, ah, passionate readers! I think this was a fair review, you’re plainlly presenting your own opinion, on your own blog, so what’s the problem? In fairness to Urban Decay, I feel like I have to point out that out of 16 shades, there are only 3 crossovers from the first Book of Shadows, and 4 from the second. Alice/Painkiller shows up in a few smaller palettes, but not in a BoS. This means even if you have both previous Books, you’re still getting a pretty good deal (the Alice Book costs less than 4 full sized UD shadows, after all.) My biggest peeve is something you mentioned- the big honkin’ glitter that ends up everywhere! Almost half of the Alice Book shades have that glitter finish- and UD just lanched a whole line that seems devoted to more disco-ball, tweenie-girl glitter. Oh well, guess we can’t be in the target demo for everything, right?

  20. Ges says:

    Hey! thanks for this AWESOME review! I follow your tweets and I was really excited when you had mentioned that there was a new color pallet for Urban Decay and it had to do with Alice in Wonderland! So I just got finished reading your review and I am so glad I did! because I was going to go to sephora tomorrow and get it! I dont like a ton of glitter in my eye shadows and the colors arent what i was expecting at all! I was thinking like… bright colors, not the same ones. So I really appreciate you going through all the efforts of comparing each of the shadows. You just saved me $52! and that is great! :D PS I miss your tutorials! wish you would make a new one for… v day?!

  21. Lynne says:

    I personally loved this review. It is honest and to the point. I happen to agree that this palette is a waste of money. I have always enjoyed the reviews that you do Fran and I have found some great products through your videos and reviews. I am really shocked at the personal attacks on you in this blog… seems to be a whole lot of green eyed monsters out there showing their assholes.

  22. lysa says:

    haters need to stfu! shes not talking bout how she looks its a product review. get over it, who cares its her own blog she can say what she wants, i would love to see u guys say shit like that to her face, she’d knock ur ass out…. idiots…. thanks for the review fran, ur awesome

  23. Adelle says:

    Thanks for the comparison !! I was so tempted to buy this but now I can save my 52$ for something else :) Great honest review.

  24. Danielle says:

    I completely respect your right to dislike this palette and review it accordingly but I think you were a bit unfair to say that Urban Decay is trying to fool people. I have BOS 2 and was initially very excited about AIW, but then saw the similiarities and wondered if it was worth it. After they released all of the shade names I decided that their were enough shadows that I did not own to make it worth it. They advertised this as a collection of their best selling shadows with the added bonus of the AIW packaging, not completely unique shades. They gave all of the original names of the shadows online and visible before purchase on the palette itself. You should not attack the company becuase you did not research your purchase as much as you could have. And yes the shadows are glittery, thats a given with Urban Decay and also information available before purchase. I’m sorry you are not happy with your purchase and I can totally agree that if you own BOS 2 you dont necessarily need AIW, but as a reviewer you could a bit more fair so as not to make someone feel stupid for buying a product they thoroughly researched and saved for.

  25. Natalie says:

    I guess it would have bothered me had they not explicity said they were the same colors with different names. If you’d spent as much time researching before purchase as you have whining here, you would have saved yourself a lot of trouble.

  26. Laura says:

    While I greatly appreciate the swatches between BOS II and AIW, I’m frustrated with the fact that you slam the palette yet you didn’t do your research! If you want to give an accurate review and be bluntly honest, which is fine by me i like blunt honesty, at least have your facts straight. As others have said, UD released the original names of the eye shadows and said that they were re promotes of alot of their best selling colors. So if your mad that you bought a palette that you thought had new shadows in it when you were told it wasn’t then sorry but its your own fault for not reading up on it or at least looking at the back of the package, all of the eye shadow original names are right there with their Alice named counter part in the lower right hand corner. Also I think the fact that you are so upset about essentially buying something you already had is affecting the entire review in a very negative way. You didn’t give any thing positive about the palette at all, which as a reviewer, if you really wanted to get your point across to your audience you would have pointed out the good WITH the bad as well as trying to look at it from a different light and then used that information to enforce your argument. For instance, this palette is great for somebody who might not have anything from urban decay and is a pretty nice starter set, especially for those who are AIW fans. You need to put your anger and your biased aside the next time you review something, because reviews like this are just like those other guru’s who say nothing but good things about stuff because they are paid to do so, you just go in the opposite direction and don’t get paid…

  27. Liz says:

    Thanks Francine for the review, I really do appreciate it. I think you are KICK ASS so don’t worry about all those nasty comments and let the haters bother you.

  28. Alejandra says:

    “Laura and Danielle” I would like to see the link to your blog and reviews.. k.. thanks.

    SMH. Ya’ll are pathetic, do you work for UD? Because you act like it. You act ilke she’s attacking them. I’m sure you’ve tried a product that wasn’t the best and were shocked from it. Honestly a lot of girls are looking for a review about the comparison so maybe you should take your opinion about her harshness somewhere else.

    This is her blog.. you can respect her for the way she talks or not.. either way she doesn’t lose sleep over it. Move on.. it’s make up.. there are people dying with less stress than bullshit complaints.

  29. The Beauty Thesis says:

    It takes a lot of time to do swatches, post, and write an honest,non biased review. Reviews are subjective and it appears some people have lost that. I respect you for this post, appreciate the time, and your candor. Thanks so much for this and for Cora for tweating it as well. x

  30. liloo says:

    Very very useful post. Swatches are amazing, and it’s really lovely to be able to do the comparison. The letter was a bit rude in my opinion

  31. Hallie says:

    Well said Laura!

    I would’ve liked the review better if you hadn’t been so negative to begin with. The first thought was “Okay.. she hates it already… but why?”. I prefer it when reviewers weigh the pros and cons, allow the consumer to determine their opinion based on that.. rather, you left little room for an unbiased opinion.

  32. Monica says:

    Urban decay made it evident that they were just existing best selling shades even before it was released. They included the real names on their website and the back right side of the box. I purchased it knowing that 4 were in the BOS II, and had about 10 from other UD palettes. Your opinion should be respected, but you ranted on something that most people knew already before buying. It’s unfortunate that you(and any others) somehow missed out on that and was disappointed after purchase.

  33. Vixxan says:

    Thanks so much for the review and the swatches.

  34. Annie says:

    So…apparently I don’t know how this blog thing works since I wasn’t aware that personal attacks that are unrelated to the postings were a part of making comments. Can anyone tell me please what saying that shes “fat”,”ugly” or that shes a “transvestite” accomplishes, and how that is even relevant to the subject of the post? No? I didn’t think so. She’s giving an opinion. That’s what a review blog is for. If you are not adult enough to listen to another persons opinion without throwing around playground worthy insults, don’t read blogs! Really, how old are you people? With the ignorant childish things you are saying, it makes me wonder if you’re even old enough to wear makeup. Does your mommy and daddy know you’re using the computer unsupervised? Its a blog. It’s not that serious. Grow the eff up.

  35. Fluffho says:

    Fran is awesome. With as much a giant as UD is, they could’ve just as easily compiled an awesome set of NEW colors to go with the release. They were just banking off of the movie, money IS money.

    Remember that Pursebuzz and so many other youtube ‘guru’s’ are heavily sponsored. At this point I’m not sure Fran is, at least not to that extent. And I hope she never does get sponsored… it’s hard to trust the judgment of someone who is being paid and receiving items for free…

  36. Hallie says:

    Fluffho.. your name suits you.

    And you’re not a blogger.. clearly. There are FCC rules now that you cannot be paid to review products. They DO work with advertisers.. and that’s unrelated. Temptalia, who I love… is a fair judge… nothing’s always an A+ with her.. but she never goes on a rude rant.

  37. Cherrim says:

    If Alice is someone’s first UD palette, I think it would be great… for Fran, yeah, I could expect some disappointment since she’s got the other palettes. I’m bummed that the colors are repeats, but I in no way feel deceived because the insert in the package even lists the old color names and calls them their “Real-World” names. No harm done, just a cutesy pop up book for my vanity. It’s my first UD makeup purchase and I’m not disappointed at all.

  38. Jennifer says:


    I have just discovered you on youtube like an hour ago and decided to go on your page to see all the other goodies you had >.<. I saw this and had to look because I also got this palette. I do not have the UD one(purple and white box) but I can see how the colors are the same. But for me being a first time user of UD I think the colors are really nice and they fit really well with eachother. I can see some upset in them being the same and thats understandable. But overall if you dont have the original palette and thinking about getting this dont hesitate :D. I love it :D. Thank you Fran for your honesty on this palette :). *I know that there are some grammar errors in here its almost 6 am where i am lol sorry.*

  39. Fluffho says:

    Nice one Hallie. As if my handle has anything to do with this. And you’re right, because the rules dictate as such, these ‘gurus’ are definitely NOT bought out. How about the fact that so many of them support an on-line contact lens site that sells POWERED contact lenses. Very illegal and potential harmful for people…. but they get free colored contacts so of course they would advertise for them :)

  40. J says:

    hey, too bad for all these nasty comments (on eyeshadow? come on..!)
    i liked the palette and got it cuz i didn’t have a ‘box’ of colours to work with (i usually go for dior quints or smaller). anyway, i just hope you don’t take these comments to heart! thanks for all your posts and helpful tips/tricks. keep it up :D

  41. natalie says:

    FABULUOS FRAN! thank you so much for all your makeup info, its so easy to get overwhelmed with what to use. I just discovered your site, and LOVE everything bout it, except the haters. I couldnt believe how hostile and ugly some of them are. Please keep it up, and know that a ton of peeps appreciate and are INSPIRED

  42. shaz says:

    Why is everyone calling her names. Im pretty sure your ugly as sin, no need to hate. frickin hell.

    And im pretty sure theres loads of people who thught exactly what she did. Who in the hell will research the palette in the first place??. come on!!
    You would naturally think the colors would be differently anyway????

    so she has a valid opinion. I have the vol 11 therefore i dont need another palette with the same colors.

    thank you fran!!


  43. I agree that if you’re a makeup addict like me and have all the other UD palettes that the Alice in Wonderland Palette is not a must because all the colors in this box are colors from their other palettes. It actually tells you that on the list of colors included and what the colors actually are. It is a palette of all their best sellers which is actually worth $52 if you think about it. Its cheaper than buying them all seperatly or buying a pallette for just a few of the best colors. Also we all know we are paying mostly for packaging. The packaging is really appealing and different. So I say buy it try it and if you aren’t happy with it return it.

  44. agata says:

    thank you very much for saving my money!! This is the only comparison of those two with swatches and so many details! My opinion is just the same as yours. Don’t be fooled by this marketing game. XOXO from Poland :)

  45. Lyra says:

    I’d like to see these ppl who are bashing Fran shell out their money and time and upload swatches and give an honest opinion.
    it’s Fran’s blog for her to voice her opinion. If you want to contradict her, go make your own and rave about how wonderful UD is.
    And saying nasty things about her looks is just downright childish and so full of jealousy.
    Oh and Hallie if someone started bashing Temptalia i’m sure you’d be on her defense about it being her opinion and respecting it. So respect Fran’s ok.

  46. Jordan-Emma says:

    hey everyone,
    i got this for my birthday and i cnt wait to use it, i love the packaging and the names and the liner, primer potion and the eyeshadows, i love everything about it.

    i understand if you already have urban decay (the same colours different package) but if like me you dont then this is realie good but if you alredy have urban decay and same colours its a rip off.

    I love urban decay but i thought it was unfair for people with simrler makeup and now you can see how people have different opions i mean i love anything colourful or different.
    so none of these comment you all have wrote or right or wrong there just in a different point of view and its mean and in somes opion low to pick on people because of what they look like so why do it?
    now everyone agrees urban decay is great makeup but just because its great makeup dosent mean its not a rip off.

    thanks for reading!!!!!!

    <3 :)))) xxxxxxx

  47. Dominique says:

    To be quite frank, if you expected new colors you did not do your research. It was clearly stated on their website that the AiW palette was just a re-promote of their best-selling eyeshadows. Why this palette FLEW off the shelves the way it did, I have no idea. Yes, if you don’t own any of the books of shadows, maybe it would be good to buy. Other than that, you’re really only paying for unique packaging. I’m sorry you didn’t know that before you bought it :-/

  48. kim says:

    thank you for this review , i was really sad to find out they were sold out because i really liked the colors, i saw some tuts using the AIW and i fell in love with the colors. so it would be cheaper for me to purchase BOS vol 2 cause there’s no way i’m payin 100 bucks on ebay for the AIW :) so thank you

  49. Maria says:

    Omg why is everyone being so mean to her seriously! Quit talking trash about how she looks just because she gave her honest opionion. Im glad she mentioned this because I was going to buy both palletes. Urban decay is good make up but lets be serious the same colors would make anyone mad esecially in this economy. If you want to talk trash keep it to yourself. When you think about it thats like 6 hours of work if your working min. wage. You people are just haters.
    P.S. If your really going to talk about how “fat” she is or how “ugly” she is your probably just mad because a beautiful girl like her with a personality to match came up and stole your boyfriend quit acting like your still in middle school.

  50. Marie Almarinez says:

    Thanks for the honest comments, Fran. Honestly, I love your YouTube tutorials and am glad you have your own site now.

    Come on guys, give her a break! She is just posting her review on that particular UD product. She has used UD in a great deal of her tutorials so I think expressing her disapppointment in a product which she had expected to deliver better results but did not is warranted.

    By the way, have you had a chance to review/ look at Sephora’s 5 in 1 color play palette? I normally use MAC but this new product caught my eye. Let me know if it’s worth it, if you’ve come across it. Thanks!

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