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Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland vs. Book of Shadows Vol. II

January 28, 2010 by  
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Are you excited about Urban Decay’s new Alice In Wonderland palette? Are you ready to rush out to your nearest Sephora or Ulta and scoop it up into your makeup collection with welcoming arms? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may want to put your amped-up-debit-card into low gear, look at the swatches below and save yourself $52…especially if you already have the Book of Shadows Volume II palette in your possession!

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland vs. Book Of Shadows Vol. II

Any of you who frequently comment in makeup forums may already be familiar with the rumor that Urban Decay re-packages previous collections with different names and releases them into the wild with a lot of hype about how great the new limited edition product is. Well, considering the fact that UD recently came out with their Alice In Wonderland (AIW) palette, I decided to do some comparison swatches with the Book of Shadow Volume II (BOS II) palette that I got back in December. Let’s just go ahead and put this whole nasty rumor to rest…wait. Actually…gee! These colors actually DO look a lot alike (all images are clickable). AIW is swatched in its entirety on the top row. BOS II is swatched beneath AIW and as small dots on top of AIW.

Beneath AIW are swatches from BOS II. Here are the list of colors as the compare to each other from Left to Right (the first color listed is from AIW. The colors they’re vs. are from BOS II):

  • Underland vs. Ecstasy
  • Alice vs. Jinx (Flipside is also swatched beneath Jinx and above Alice).
  • Oraculum vs. Half-Baked.
  • Queen vs. Sphynx.
  • Chessur vs. Nylon (Nylon is swatched above Chessur).
  • White Rabbit vs. YDK (beneath) vs. Sellout (above)
  • Wonderland (1 of the AIW shadows that didn’t have a match/close dupe)
  • Curiouser vs. AC/DC.
  • Muchness vs. Nylon.
  • Mushroom vs. Mushroom (real original name, don’tcha think?)
  • Midnight Tea Party vs. Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (beneath) vs. Sellout (above)
  • Vorpal vs. Misdemeanor (beneath) vs. Gunmetal (above)
  • Absolem vs. Homegrown
  • Drink Me, Eat Me vs. Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
  • Mad Hatter vs. Twice Baked
  • Jabborwocky vs. Perversion

How they compared in my eyes:
-Underland vs. Ecstasy- Even though Ecstasy has a darker undertone to it, it’s not considerably different from Underland.
-Alice vs. Jinx vs. Flipside- Alice is one of the few colors in this palette that doesn’t really have a dupe. Flipside comes close, but has a green duo-chrome effect to it that makes it difference from Alice. Jinx is simply to dark to compare with Alice.
-Oraculum vs, Half-Baked- Almost identical. Half-Baked doesn’t have as much of an orangey tone to it but the similarity is undeniable.
-Queen vs. Sphynx- Although I knew the two wouldn’t match, I still figured I’d swatch them. Queen is one of the few colors that didn’t have a dupe or a close match.
-Chessur vs. Nylon-- Identical
-White Rabbit vs. YDK (beneath) vs. Sellout (above)- White Rabbit doesn’t have an exact dupe but Sellout does come close to it. I don’t really care for White Rabbit anyways though due to the high amount of chunky glitter. Chunky glitter in eyeshadow = MAJOR glitter fallout EVERYWHERE which is a no go in my book.
-Wonderland- No comparison.
-Curiouser vs. AC/DC- No comparison.
-Muchness vs. Nylon- Muchness actually doesn’t match. But it’s dupe would be MAC’s Paradisco.
-Mushroom vs. Mushroom- I think the identical name gives it away.
-Midnight Tea Party vs. Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (beneath) vs. Sellout (above)- Midnight Tea Party and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (MCRA) are exact matches color-wise. The only difference between them is that MCRA has more glitter that Tea Party.
Vorpal vs. Misdemeanor (beneath) vs. Gunmetal (above)- No match. Both BOS II shades are much darker than Vorpal, however Silver Ring by MAC is an easy dupe for Vorpal.
-Absolem vs. Homegrown- They’re practically twins separated at birth.
-Drink Me, Eat Me vs. YDK- YDK is too dark of a brown to match Drink Me, Eat Me (DMEM). However, I have the same problem with DMEM as I do with White Rabbit…chunky glitter.
-Mad Hatter vs. Twice Baked- More twins. These could’ve been Siamese twins that were separated by the UD packaging team.
Jabborwocky vs. Perversion- Although the 2 look the same in the pictures, Perversion actually has a deep, dark green or teal shimmer to it. This shimmer, however, doesn’t stand out very much, hence, why these two colors look the same.

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland vs. Book Of Shadows Vol. II

I swatched the palettes earlier today, and within minutes I was ready to drive the 80+ miles back to Nashville to return my Alice in Wonderland palette. Out of all 32 colors, only 4 of them were truly different (Queen, Wonderland, Curiouser, and Vorpal) while the other were exact matches or close enough to get by without. I’m sorry Urban Decay, but adding chunky glitter to the same eyeshadow, providing a pop-up scene around the mirror and a new color name does not constitute a “limited edition” worthy title. In my opinion, it denotes a lack of imagination and effort in trying to create a “UNIQUE” color. If I wanted a chunky glitter color (along with glitter all over my face from the stupid eyeshadow) then I’ll add glitter myself. Expect to be receiving a slightly used Alice in Wonderland palette to your factory by Monday morning because I’m returning to re-packaged crap first thing Saturday when I head out to Nashville along with this lovely letter…

Dear Urban Decay Cosmetics,

I’m not an idiot and neither is the rest of the world. Stop mistaking us for people who can’t tell the difference between one eyeshadow and the next just because you put it in fancy new packaging with a pop-up mirror scene that would entertain a 5-year-old. Your lack of originality and your implication that the world is stupid is not flattering to your image. Please take your “iconic” packaging for your primer potion, and stick it you-know-where.

Best wishes for a more imaginative and unique future,



***Disclaimer:*** Trust me. Urban Decay sure as hell didn’t endorse this review, cause if they did, I’d probably be fired. Haha.

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