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Style Black Haul

October 6, 2009 by  
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This season is all about dark: dark lips, dark eyes, dark nails, dark dark dark. And MAC, not being one who wants to be left out in the dark (like my pun? haha) came out with an awesome collection. Seriously. I haven’t been this impressed with a MAC collection in a LONG time! I figured I’d share the goodies I got with you all and talk a little bit about why I didn’t get some of the other products.


Style Black Haul

Because you all know the kind of eye shadow freak that I can be, I obviously got all of the mineralized shadows. They are absolutely beautiful! I’ve already taken swatch pics of them, but in all honesty, my pictures do these shadows no justice whatsoever. I would have to say that Lauren, a.k.a. queenofblendingMUA, said it perfectly on Twitter when she was describing the texture of these shadows: “They’re like reflects glitters turned into dark e/s.” Honestly, I couldn’t have said it better my self.

I also got Night Violet Mattene, Bling Black Glimmerglass, Black Fire Glimmerglass, and the Greasepaint Stick. I also had Blackware Glimmerglass on my list to get, but the girl at my counter didn’t get it for. Instead, she got me 2 Black Fire glimmerglasses. I’m thinking I may just order Blackware online along with a few others things that I know want to get from the collection.

MAC Black Knight LipstickBlack Knight Lipstick: I think my biggest and only disappointment with the collection was Black Knight lipstick. I had expected it to be more opaque for a true black; however, when I swatched it at the store, I found out that it’s actually quite sheer. Not what I had in mind and not what I wanted, so I skipped it. I just recently purchased OCC’s Lip Tar in Tarred, and just figured if I wanted a true opaque black, I’ll just use that instead.


MAC Midnight Media MatteneMidnight Media Mattene: By the time I got around to swatching this, I was already thinking about my OCC Lip Tar. I am, however, debating about getting it with the stuff I’ll order online. It was a bit more opaque than Black Knight. Because it is a bit more matte than OCC’s Tarred, I may end up getting it.


MAC Nocturnelle Nail LacquerMAC Nail Lacquers: Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t justify spending $12.00 on a nail polish. $7.00, yes. $8.00, maybe. But $12.00?? No. I almost did get Baby Goth Girl, but luckily the girl at my MAC store didn’t ring me up for it. I wasn’t too wowed by Seriously Hip either. And as for Nocturnelle, well, I already have a black nail polish. What’s the point in having another one?


MAC Volcanic Ash ExfoliatorMAC Volcanic Ash Thermal MaskMAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator & MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask: Plain and simple truth. I didn’t get these, because I didn’t know how magnificent they apparently are. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about these, so I will be ordering them as soon as I finish blogging for the day. Haha!

The rest of the items I did NOT get are as follows: Penultimate Eye Liner, Eye Kohl in Smolder, Cream Colour Bases in Black and Bat Black, and the 214 short shader brush. The main reason I did not get these items from the Style Black collection is because I didn’t see any reason for me to rush out and get them. My MAC store sells MACPro products so I always have access to the cream bases, Smolder Eye Kohl is already a staple in my makeup kit (if you hadn’t already noticed that from my videos/FOTDs), the Penultimate liner is a permanent product so it’s not as if this will be going away any time soon, as well as the 214 shader brush. Now I actually did have the 214 brush in my hands as the girl was ringing me up at the register. However, once I got the total before the brush, I put the brush back, lol.

So, today is Show-And-Tell Day on FrantasticMakeup! I showed you my goodies. Now you show me yours! What did you guys get? What do you like from the collection? What don’t you like from the collection?


3 Responses to “Style Black Haul”
  1. Daniela says:

    I noticed you got Blackfire and I got that too, but I was really disappointed with it. It looks so gorgeous in the tube and looks like it would be really amazing on the lips. The reality is that when I put it on, it had the worst pay off I have ever seen with a MAC lip product. Slathering more on didn’t work either, just gave me stickier lips. I would be interested to see how you would make it work. Probably not alone but over top of a lipstick? Even that way I imagine it would only give a slight sparkle with a light gray undertone.

  2. Lynniiieee says:

    I only bought a CCB in Black but I must say that I was overall pleased with the collection. The eye shadows ran out of stock in no time! Looking forward to seeing you play with your goodies. Thanks for sharing!

  3. kuuipo1207 says:

    Actually, yeah…the glimmerglasses aren’t really that great for wearing alone and I’m sure that’s not the purpose that MAC had intended it for. ABrilliantBrunette, a.k.a. Jacqueline, did a great post just today on what you can do with both the glimmerglasses AND Blick Knight lispstick. Here’s the link to the post.

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