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Review: China Glaze Fortune Teller

October 19, 2009 by  
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Hola dudes and dudettes! How are you all on this fine Monday morning? I, myself, am doing rather well and am wanting to share the joy…but the sharing will come later. For now, let me introduce you to the most beautiful Halloween nail polish that has ever existed. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating just a bit since I’ve only started collecting nail polishes since late last year, but all the same, this color is truly GORGEOUS and has Halloween written all over it!

China Glaze Fortune Teller Nail Polish
China Glaze Fortune Teller. Could this color be any more perfect for Halloween? It consists of a semi-sheer black base color with coppery-orange glitter. The glitter is actually all sorts of sizes and has both round and hexagonal shapes. I can officially say that this nail polish rocks my socks.

The only downfall to this color is that it is a Sally Beauty Supply exclusive, meaning you can only get it at Sally Beauty Supply. Sadly, when I was first attempting to get my hands on this, they were out of stock online. Now, when you try to search for it, the website won’t even register as having it at all. Luckily, my local Sally’s finally got their shipment in and I happened to walk in on the right day! Yay!

China Glaze Fortune Teller Swatch
It only took me two good coats to get complete opacity of the black. Because of the glitter, the polish tends to dry with a bit of texture and can fill rough and bumpy. But to get a nice, smooth finish, just add a coat or two of a good top coat and you’re set. Now gaze in the awesomeness of this color.


On to the sharing part of this blog (other than this lovely review, haha). Have you tried searching all over but can’t seem to get your hands on your very own Fortune Teller? Want a chance to get it for free? Want a chance to get a great top coat and base coat as well? Well guess what? You’re in luck. I nabbed an extra Fortune Teller polish and figured I’d do a give away along with my favorite top and base coats from Seche Vite.

China Glaze Fortune Teller Give-A-Way
You could win this!!

All you have to do is leave a comment below. You can enter up to 2 times a day until the end date. The winner will be chosen at random thanks in part to My deepest apologies to my international readers, but due to shipping regulations, the giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (American Samoa, Guam, and Puerto Rico included). Don’t be sad though. I’ll try do another giveaway where you guys can participate too some time!

You can enter up until 11:59 p.m. (Central Standard Time) on October 25, 2009. At 2 entries per day, that means you can enter a total of 14 times! I’ll do the drawing and announce the winner on October 26, 2009. When you leave a comment, please be sure to give a working email address so that I can contact you regarding your winnings. Your email will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to third parties (as if I actually know any third parties, haha). Good luck!



***Disclaimer:*** China Glaze, Sally Beauty Supply, and Seche Vite have not endorsed or otherwise provided any compensation for this review and giveaway.


152 Responses to “Review: China Glaze Fortune Teller”
  1. Amy says:

    Is guam considered us? it is a us territory.

  2. Tonya Wingar says:

    Absolutly beautiful i love china glaze…. enter me

  3. Lia says:

    This color is so fun! Thank you for all your wisdom and sharing of techinques. I just bought the kat Von d Ludwig palette and it’s amazing!

  4. Liz says:

    I just love the black and orange in this nail polish, so so perfect for Halloween and fall

  5. Lola says:

    ooh i love this nailpolish
    enter me please

  6. Lynn says:

    Love it! My daughter is getting into glitter polishes. I would definitely share it with her!

  7. Kimberly says:

    OK, that’s the most ‘halloween-ish’ nail polish of all time! I totally dig that. And Seche Vite rocks…it’s rocked for over 2 decades with me, believe it or not!

  8. Mari says:

    OMG! I love it! It’s a beautiful color! I wants it!

  9. Mari says:

    I need this polish for my collection! *fingers crossed*

  10. Evelyn says:

    So lovely! never tried China Glaze, Enter me please! :D

  11. Erica says:

    I guess I will give this a shot, never won before….BTW love your website.

  12. MellissaL says:

    OMG that is so gorgeous/perfect!!! Enter Me Please!!!

  13. MellissaL says:

    Enter me please!!!! I am going to hope I get this, I have searched like crazy and you are right…Nowhere to be found at the 4 Sally’s I have been to =( ….Enter me please!!!!!

  14. Nina says:

    That is so pretty! I love it!

  15. Nina says:

    Thanks for including Seche Vite, I’ve always wanted to try that!

  16. Krystal says:

    I’ve only been interested in two or three of all the glitters that CG has put out and this is one of them! There is something about this color, I don’t know what it is. It just screams, “Be on my nails!”

  17. Yay, I’m entered!!!

  18. jennifer says:

    yes yes ive been trying to find this at sallys..all mine are sold out already! boo

  19. jennifer says:

    i am so entering twice a day..I need this in my life…lol

  20. mshel says:

    Great items, Francine!! thank you for the opportunity!

  21. Sabrina says:

    This color rocks my whole world! I hope I win!!! =)

  22. Sabrina says:

    You always find the neatest products! Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  23. Mom2Jazz says:

    I tried to find this this past weekend and no luck…keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks in advance. :-)

  24. Whitley says:

    sooo pretty! enter me! :)

  25. Heather says:

    Thats so amazing.

    Im in Canada tho.

  26. I lovvvve it! And want it!

  27. My daughter will love it too!

  28. boysenberry_girl says:

    great color and a great contest, thanks!

  29. boysenberry_girl says:

    i would wear this color even if it wasn’t October.

  30. Jenova says:

    Oh my godddd, that is SO gorgeous O_O

  31. Jade says:

    omg my aunt and i are goin nuts this polish is Hot !! oh man u made my day wit that one

  32. Maria says:

    This color is awesome

  33. that is so totally halloween! ooooh i want to enter! wooohoo!

  34. Eboni says:

    That color is gorgeous! Please enter me!

  35. Jennifer says:

    Love it! Enter me, please =)

  36. Stefanie says:

    Enter me Please!

  37. Stefanie says:

    Enter me Please for a 2nd entry!

  38. Natalia says:

    Looks absolutely GORGEOUS! OMG man I only have one China Glaze so far in Grape Juice and I just love glitter polish so much.

  39. Ashley says:

    Oooh… I want… Bad… *Drools*

  40. Natalia says:

    China Glaze is my new favorite polish brand and I love how they come out with perfect colors for each collection. Would LOVE to win Fortune Teller, it looks very beautiful =)

  41. Ashley says:

    I want to be entered for my second entry for today as well… since it’s only 10pm w00t

  42. Tanisha says:

    Thanks for the entry. Im so loving this color, since black is one of my favorite colors. =)

  43. Rachael says:

    What a gorgeous gorgeous color!

  44. Stacey says:

    WOOOOOOOW that is beyond gorgeous! I NEED I NEED!

  45. Erica says:

    lets try this again, wish me luck!!!

  46. Nina says:

    A new day, a new comment! The glitters are so hypnotizing!

  47. Sabrina says:

    i’m simply mad for this color!!!

  48. Sabrina says:

    i hope this “fortune teller” is in my near future! =}

  49. Tanisha says:

    Love it, love it. I so want that color.

  50. Nina says:

    China Glaze FTW!

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