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Review: Kryolan Eye Shadow Palette & Giveaway Results

October 26, 2009 by  
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While searching for theater makeup shops in Tennessee, I was able to find a GREAT costume store in Nashville. They offer a TON of costumes for purchase or for rent, but what makes the place even better is that they offer stage/cinema makeup from Ben Nye and Kryolan. They also carry a bit of special effects makeup from Woochie and Graftobian, but these are sold in kits (i.e. vampire kit, zombie kit, etc.). The shop is called Performance Studios and is located on Church St. off I-40 (exit 201 if coming from east bound, exit 201A if coming from west bound…for those of you who live in Tenessee & frequently visit Nashvegas). They have an online site, but they don’t sell the Ben Nye and Kryolan products online…only their own makeup line.

Anyhow, I had been dying to go to this place for the past year and my friend and I decided we’d finally stop by one day. Lucky for me that on the day we stopped by, they had one of these babies left…just for me. Haha
Kryolan Professional Eye Shadow Set - Palette TN 3

Kryolan Professional Eye Shadow Set - Palette TN 3

Meet Kryolan’s Professional Eye Shadow Set – Palette TN 3. This palette is filled with “pearlescent with iridescent colors” (as quoted from Kryolan’s site). Basically, this palette is grogeous! As to be expected from a company specializing in makeup for stage, theater, and movies, the colors are very well pigmented. Despite the fact that they are powders, they have a rather creamy looking finish to them with a hint of shimmer. I think the only drawback to these shadows is the perfume-like smell that they have.


Kryolan Professional Eye Shadow Set - Palette TN 3

The palette itself is a bit big for my case, bit it still manages to fit in it with a bit of maneuvering. The palette is not magnetic like the MAC Pro palettes. Instead, the black foam that surrounds the eye shadows actually kind of hugs around the shadows to keep them in place.

I paid $72.00 plus tax for the palette, which is a lot of money. However, I got 15 eye shadows for that price, so by the time you do the math, I really only paid under $5.00 per shadow before tax. And for your information, yes I do typically try to justify spending that type of ungodly amount on purchases by thinking about the quantity for the cost. Haha. Another thing to mention, is the size of the babies. The Kryolan shadows in this palette are double the size of MAC’s meager shadows at 3.5 grams (.11 ounces) for Kryolan and 1.5 grams (0.05 ounces) for MAC!
Kryolan vs MAC Shadow size
Kryolan vs MAC Shadow size

I’ll try to get some swatch pics up for you all towards the end of this week. As for now, let’s on to the giveaway results.

The drawing was completed on Monday, 26 October 2009 at 17:46:24 UTC. The winner was drawn from a list of 145 entrants using’s Third-Party Draw Service. You can find the permanent record of the drawing here:

China Glaze Fortune Teller Give-A-WayI’d like to formally congratulate Jennifer of Beauty and the Housewife on getting her hands on China Glaze Fortune Teller, Seche Vite Crystal Clear Base Coat, and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat! Be sure to check your email so I can get your shipping information! :)

Thank you to everyone who participated and passed the word along about my little giveaway. Keep your eyes out for another giveaway that will be posted at the end of the week. This time it will be a skin-care product!



***Disclaimer:*** Kryolan, Performance Studios, China Glaze, and Seche Vite have not endorsed or otherwise provided any compensation for this review and giveaway.


5 Responses to “Review: Kryolan Eye Shadow Palette & Giveaway Results”
  1. Tanisha says:

    CONGRATS JENNIFER!! That giveaway was so exciting and fun. Can’t wait until next one, this is also motivating me to maybe participate with some contests on youtube for fun. =)

  2. Tanisha says:

    Im also loving this palette, the color are vibrant and the price isn’t too bad at all.

  3. jennifer says:

    I am so excited that i won!!! Love your blog!

    The palette looks really nice!

  4. Jenni says:

    I can’t wait to see the swatches of these – I want one!

  5. This is one brand that I really, really want to try but no access. And your eye shadow palette looks most amazing! the price is definitely cheap all things considered. What a goroues palette!

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