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Review: CG LashBlast Length Mascara

August 24, 2009 by  
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Not set to be out in stores until September (one more week ladies and gents), CoverGirl’s LashBlast Length promises to make lashes look “up to 80% longer looking vs. your bare lashes – and it’s preferred 4 to 1 over the lengthening leader when it comes to flaking.” Of course, their claims do come with an asterisk attached and a fine print at the bottom.

LashBlast Length with netting

Here’s the beauty info from CoverGirl:

Beauty Benefits

  • Achieve up to 80% longer lashes that stay gorgeous all day
  • Combination of the Super-Length brush and the fliexible Elasta-Nylon formula create ultra long lashes that won’t flake or break
  • Create extreme lash length with no clumps
  • Lengthening formula reaches each lash, corner to corner, for a dramatic fan of ultra long lashes
  • Attributes
    –Super-Length Brush

  • CG’s longest brush ever gives expert precision and control to create individualized clump-free lashes.
  • The brush is specially designed with product reservoirs at the tip to grab and extend the fine, corner lashes critical for length impact.
  • The Super-Length brush has over 450 fine bristles – 20% more than LashBlash Volume
  • –Lengthening Formula

  • The lengthening formula contains nylon fibers, the same material used for real lash extension.
  • The Elasta-Nylon formula stretches lashes to their maximum length for ultra long lashes that stay flexible and incredibly lightweight with all-day impact.
  • LashBlast Length is smudge and smear proof, yet easy to wash away at the end of the day.
  • Shades

  • Very-Black
  • Black
  • Brown-Black
  • Brown
  • I happened to get my hands on the this handy dandy little product to give a try and put it to the test. Oddly enough, I was sent a blue colored one (according to the sticker on the bottom), and yet the list of shades did not state that there is a blue shade available. Hmm. Either way, I wore it all week to test it out. Let’s see how it held up to the claims.

    My eye with no mascara, no frills, no nothing!

    One coat of CG LashBlast Length. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t really notice any sort of a difference except for my lower lashline. In fact, the only thing I did notice about my upper lashline, is that instead of LBL making my lashes LONGER, it seemed like it actually made them look less full by sticking them together. I even asked my husband to look at the first 2 pictures (no mascara vs. 1 coat), not knowing which one was which, and he thought the bare naked eye was the one with mascara applied.

    Two coats of CG LashBlast Length. Yikes!! I feel my arachnaphobia acting up!

    Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how the two LashBlast mascaras would work together. After applying the 2nd coat of LBL, I used a lash comb to help separate the spider legs and then applied a light coat of CG LashBlash. I actually liked the way this came out, so I’m thinking this may be an option for me until I use up both of the mascaras.

    CG LashBlast Length Brush size comparison

    Thought you all would be interested in seeing how the brush length compares to 2 familiars: the MAC 275 brush, and CoverGirl’s LashBlast Volume mascara brush.

    Let’s recap, shall we?


  • The brush that comes with LBL is a bit longer than the LashBlast Volume brush.
  • The brush is very skinny, so if you have smaller eyes, this could be the right mascara brush for you. Also, because it’s so skinny, it worked great for me to get those outer and inner corner lashes – a definite plus because those are normally very hard-to-reach places for me.
  • The mascara did hold true to the claim that it does not flake. All 7 days that I wore this mascara, there was not one single dark blue flake anywhere on my face by the end of the day, unlike by current mascara of choice.

  • After applying 2 coats, I find myself needing to run a lash comb through to separate my lashes. I don’t normally have to do this with the other mascaras I regularly use.
  • While I love how skinny the brush is for those hard to reach lashes, I don’t really prefer it for my whole eye. I like a brush that feels like it’s actually grabbing on to my lashes, because I feel like it gets a more evenly applied coat then. But this could just be a psychological thing. Ha.
    Overall, I wouldn’t say this is a bad mascara. In fact, I think it’s quite good. I didn’t necessarily get the lengthening results I was expecting to see (the asterisk and fine print must pertain to me), but I actually am impressed with the mascara. Would I but this again? Maybe. Like I said, I really LOVED the result when I used both the LashBlast Volume and LashBlast Length mascaras together – it had both volume AND length. However, I don’t necessarily want to have to apply 3 coats of 2 different mascaras to get my desired affect. We’ll just have to see.

    If you try it out, let me know what you think!


    9 Responses to “Review: CG LashBlast Length Mascara”
    1. Shweta says:

      I also thought that your bare eye without any mascara was actually the one with CG mascara on it…this was till i scrolled down :-)) I like your bare eye better than the lashblast eye.

    2. lchang says:

      i’m not a big fan of mascara because they always seem to clump my eyelashes together so it makes it look like i have less lashes. i don’t know if this all masacara, but i see the same thing happening here with your lashes. I definitely like your natural eye where your lashes are nice and fanned out

    3. Gypsy says:

      Hi — have you tried the High Impact Curling Mascara by Clinique? I’m an “I need proof” type of makeup enthusiast and I know two people who used this before I tried it myself. Really like this mascara a lot. Not much clumping, volumizes a lot, and curls up my lashes (& keeps the curl if I do use a lash curler).

    4. CeeCee says:

      Whoa it does look bad on your lashes. I’m glad I didn’t see this before I purchased it. It looks great on my lashes. I guess everyone is different. I love your You Tube reviews. Keep up the good work.

    5. kuuipo1207 says:

      Yeah…I have been using it lately though with my makeup routine, and it seems to be working way better than it was when I was reviewing it…so I may have to do a re-review. lol

    6. Lina says:

      I just got this mascara and I love it! I always have to use a lash brush, though, so I’m used to that. It also isn’t great with the volume, but the length is amazing! I’m a fan.

    7. nadirah raman says:

      hey im having a problem period with applying make up please help

    8. laura says:

      I just stop using this and switch to Revitalash mascara so far its doing good!

    9. andrea says:

      Seductive eyes start with the lashes…Many thanks to Revitalash for giving me great looking lashes.

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