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OCC Lip Tar Demo

August 7, 2009 by  
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I’ve so got to get my hands on these! If you have any of them, tell me which ones you recommend and why you love them!!


3 Responses to “OCC Lip Tar Demo”
  1. singrsling says:

    I have Melange and Vintage and liek them both, but I wish I had gotten a lighter shade as well. The wear is fantastic, and all you need is a TINY bit to cover your lips. Great wear. I’m looking for a sample size jar of Hush or maybe Conquest to lighten and spruce up these babies!
    If anyone has Hush or Conquest and wnts to swap a little jar for Vintage or Melange, please contact me at singrsling1@netzero.net.

  2. jakehuihui says:

    I am selling lip tars in sample sizes… will have all the colors listed up soon

  3. jakehuihui says:

    oops, forgot my website http://jakehuihui.ecrater.com/
    sorry for the spam :D

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