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Make-Up Art Cosmetics Collection (P)Review

August 11, 2009 by  
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scandalousbeauty from Youtube and ScandalousBeautyOnline.com does some wonderful swatches and gives great tips on working with the textures of the eye shadows that are coming out in MAC‘s Make-Up Art Cosmetics Collection.

Also, here’s the low-down about the inspiration behind the collection along with a list of the products that are coming out with it. Information was obtained from Specktra.net. Seriously people…if you are a MAC fan, or even just a makeup enthusiast of any brand, you need to check out Specktra. They are my go-to source for anything MAC related. If you become a member (which it is FREE to do), look me up. My username on there is kuuipo1207…imagine that. ;)

The collection is set to release in the US on August 20th, and normally, MAC releases the collections for purchase online 2 days BEFORE store-wide release dates, which means these items should be up grabs online on August 18th.

Make-Up Art Cosmetics
Everything We do at MAC is built around the idea that anything is possible when self-expression is honoured, exalted, allowed to rise to its ultimate aria. This season MAC celebrates the idea of the Artist in every shape and stripe…makeup as art form. We’ve selected three individuals who exemplify this idea through both the subjects they choose, and the wildly individual styles and colours used to convey them. Bold, heroic, big; giggly, playful, clever; dramatic, original, abstract: Fall ’09 as seen by Richard Phillips, Maira Kalman, and Marilyn Minter. Be inspired!


The ‘Make-Up Art Cosmetics’ collection is broken up into three sections, Fall ’09 as seen by Richard Phillips, Painter, Fall ’09 as seen by Maira Kalman, Illustrator, and Fall ’09 as seen by Marilyn Minter, Photographer.

The products listed under each contributor’s vision are the products that they played a part in developing. Whilst this is a 3-part collection, it will all be released at the same time.


Make-Up Art Cosmetics
Fall ’09 as seen by Richard Phillips

Andy Warhol did a cameo on The Love Boat in 1985…and in the same spirit, Richard Phillips’ 1998 painting, Spectrum, made its debut on the scandelous Gossip Girl – a sign of the times! Need we say more? Recylced and re-imagined ’50s,’60s, and ’70s ads and images, and every colourful issue ever considered when pondering the question of “identity” is what Richard Phillips is all about. Highly technical, a refinement of precise, academic painting, his bold and beautiful portraits seem so relevant to everything MAC artistry is all about. A collection of eye shadow quads, lipsticks, Lipglass, and The Perfect Cheek Blush just leap off the canvas!

Lipsticks: $14.00USD/$16.50CAD (LE)
-Full Body – Deep red plum (Lustre)
-Hold the Pose – Brown plum with gold pearlized pigments (Lustre)
-Front Lit – Light white yellow (Frost)
-Lovin’ It – Cool neutral with yellow undertone (Lustre)
-High Strung – Deep pink silver (Frost) (Permanent)

Lipglass: $14.00/$16.50 (LE)
-On Display – Purple yellow with pearlized pigments (Frost)
-New Spirit – Light yellow coral (Frost)
-Personal Taste – Mid-tone rose with pink and gold pearlized pigments (Frost)
-Young Thing – Yellow Neutral with gold pearlized pigments (Frost)

Eye Shadow x 4: $36.00USD/$43.00CAD (LE)

-Photo Realism Quad
—Photo Realism – Gold shimmer with gold pearlized pigments (Frost)
—Fresh Approach – Cool mint green (Veluxe Pearl)
—Image Maker – Mid-tone grey green (Frost)
—Grey Range – Deep blue green (Veluxe Pearl)

-In The Gallery Quad
—Lightfall – Pale Pink (Satin) (Repromote from Cult of Cherry 2008)
—Look at the Eyes – Light violet (Frost)
—In The Gallery – Mid-tone blue pink (Matte)
—Private Viewing – Deep brown plum (Matte)

-Notoriety Quad
—Skintone 1 – Light white pink (Lustre)
—Skintone 2 – Mid tone gold (Frost)
—Notoriety – Mid tone brown with gold pearl (Velvet)
—Rich & Earthy – Rich coral bronze (Veluxe Pearl)

Plush Lash Mascara: $13.00USD/$15.50CAD (Permanent)
Plushblack – Black

Powder Blushes: $18.50USD/$22.00CAD (LE)
-The Perfect Cheek – Mid-tone pale pink (Matte)
-Notable – Mid-tone brick brown red (Satin)

Make-Up Art Cosmetics
Fall ’09 as seen by Maira Kalman, Illustrator

We still chuckle (along with all of Manhattan) over the now-famous New Yorker cover illustration of “Newyorkistan.” Cheeky, witty, always amusing, Maira’s illustrations are cute and colourful, wonderfully child-like, playful…and sophisticated all at once. Technakohl Liners and Maira’s Magical thinking Eye Shadows are made for the MAC Artist with a sense of mischief and a deep desire to be defiantly different. Warm and eccentric at the same time, Maira’s faces are full of cock-eyed optimism, with the tiniest smidge of city-girl-snobbism…simply, scrumptiously, stupendously sublime!

Eye Shadows $14.50USD/$17.00CAD (LE)
-Crest The Wave – Rich yellow frost (Frost) (Repromote from Stowaways 2008)
-Off the Page – Mid-tone mustard orange (Frost)
-Haunting – Light turquoise blue (Satin) (Repromote from McQueen 2007)
-Violet Trance – Deep blue purple (Matte) (Repromote from Balloonacy 2007)
-Purple Shower – Medium-tone magenta with silver pearlized pigments (Satin) (Repromote from Turquatic 2006)
-Maira’s Magic – Yellow pink (Satin)

Technakohl Liners $14.50USD/17.00CAD (LE)
-Full of Fuchsia – Deep blue magenta (Frost)
-Artistic License – Bright turquoise blue (Frost)
-Colour Matters – Bright lime (Cream)
-Obviously Orange – Dirty coral (Frost)
-Graphblack – Rich graphic black (Cream) (Permanent)

Make-Up Art Cosmetics
Fall ’09 as seen by Marilyn Minter, Photographer

There’s that famous close-up of Tom Ford’s belly button, part of the “Pathology of Glamour” that this artist renders with luminous, almost hallucinatory colour and painterly photo-realism… Erotic imagery that zooms in on a succulently wet, red lip, a dappled, sequined eye, or a silverized stiletto splashing in the mud. The Whitney Biennial Artist says she’s “Never met a model who actually thinks she’s beautiful,” and that observation goes a long way to explain how she connects to what MAC wants to say about all-inclusiveness – we’re ALL beautiful sometimes. Pigments in Push the Edge and Copper or Gold Gliter have the power to make anyone feel like they WILL be seen – and desired.

Pigments $19.50USD/$23.00CAD (LE)
-Brash & Bold – Bright magenta (Frost)
-Push the Edge – Deep bright purple with pearlized pigments (Frost)
-Cocomotion – Mid-tone gold bronze with gold pearlized pigments (Frost) (Repromote from Rushmetal 2007)
-Heritage Rouge – Mid-tone brown plum (Frost) (Permanent at Pro Stores)

Glitter $19.50USD/$23.00CAD (Permanent at Pro Stores)
-Fuchsia – Sparkling fuchsia
-Gold – Sparkling chunky gold

Reflects Glitters $19.50USD/$23.00CAD (Permanent at Pro Stores)
-Reflects Rust – Sparkling warm red
-Reflects Copper – Sparkling saffron

Gloss Texture $18.00USD/$22.00CAD (Permanent)
-Clear Gloss – Clear

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