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kuuipo1207 Wants To Know…

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Alright, so here’s one of those good ol’ “makeup rules” set in place by who knows, and we’re gonna put under the microscope. So, do you or don’t you? And why? Is there a time and place for matching and not matching? Let’s elaborate in the comments.

I personally think of makeup as an art, and just like all other arts, it’s open to interpretation and is free for self-expression. If matching is what makes you happy, go for it. If not, go for it. What are your thoughts?


18 Responses to “kuuipo1207 Wants To Know…”
  1. Suri says:

    Personally, I don’t really match my makeup with what i wear though.. I just wear makeups base on my moods most of the time… or what color I like on that day…

    Oh!! I like you site.. very nicely organized and nice layout too!!..

  2. aym039 says:

    I like to match my eyeshadow with my clothes only when i’m wearing my favorite colors: teal or puple. Just cause i cant get enought of those colors!

  3. aelievense says:

    I consider it a REQIREMENT to match my makeup to my daily outfit.

    I will not put on my makeup until I know what I am wearing for the day. And I have also been known to change my eyemakeup mid-day if I change my outfit mid-day. I truly use my face as an artist’s canvas and will wear any colors and any looks anytime of day. I don’t understand the “suitable for work” look or the “natural bridal makeup” look. I wear whatever I want, where or whenever I want. It does depend on my mood, but there is nothing worse than a beautiful bright orange/green/yellow look worn with a pastel purple shirt…(or whatever the case may be.) I have heard the rules about it’s okay to match your lip color to your clothes but not your eyemakeup nonsense but never follow them. Out of the 100 compliments I get on my eye makeup looks I only get 1 person who MIGHT say “aren’t you supposed to NOT match your shadow to your clothes?” If the look portrays my mood and I am pleased with the altogether look of my ensemble, then I wear it. Simple as that! :-)

  4. Erica says:

    This was a tough question, honestly it all depends on the occasion, so yes a time & place for these things. I like to do it like for fun, going to the movies with friends, going out to eat, family get togethers like bar-b-ques and stuff…. but not for a wedding or church-going or even important meetings at work.


  5. Lindsay says:

    I think it does depend on what you’re wearing, but in general, I match. I also don’t do my makeup until I know what I’m wearing, and I’ll usually use my clothes as a base canvas. So if I’m wearing navy blue, I’ll at least use navy blue to blend in my crease, no matter what other colors I may choose to wear. However, I usually only do really bold colors on my eyes when I’m wearing black or just a splash of color in clothing.

  6. Aneesa :) says:

    Oh lord.
    What is that amazing makeup.. =/
    Im in love with those colours..
    And i do match my makeup to my clothes,
    And everyone laughs at me for it..
    Pfft, its cool to match :)
    Also, on a level, that makeup is just too stunning.
    Keep it up :)

  7. Eni Kafi says:

    It all depends .. at times i feel the neutral look and other times I match colours to my outfit.

    Love your tutorials on YT

  8. Denise says:

    I love makeup its paradise to see my colors match. I just recently purchased a palette of different colors by MANLY. (still waiting for it to come in mail awwww). Yeah I can’t wait . But from what I purchased it looked totally hot colors. I wished for the 88 palette but that will have to wait for awhile. Well back to the point. I can’t be without makeup that doesn’t match it a must tome. Its really an art to me to be about to put on makeup that match. Once I did a rainbowed colored eyeshadow that to this day my sister talks about. Makeup to me is a life expression lol

  9. Ellie says:

    For the most part I like to wear my makeup to either match or compliment what I’m wearing..
    I like the harmony between both. Thats why I look very carefully at the colors of the clothes that I buy. Luvvvvv your website! :)

  10. jae says:

    I definitely believe makeup is like art, as well! Let our creativity shine through.

    Sometimes I match my eyeshadow with my outfit, but there are a lot of times I just love to use purple for the hell of it!

  11. Roberta says:

    I don’t usually match my makeup to my clothes but its more because I’ll wear green, blue, and purple eyeshadow, but I don’t have a shirt with all those colors, so I just wear whatever I want. Sometimes it does look really nice when your makeup and clothes match. It’s really up to the individual, to hell with any makeup rules, do what you want.

  12. kia says:

    hey! i coordinate. that means for me that it may not be matchy matchy and sometimes it may just a little. i just like for it all to coordinate.

  13. i definitely DON’T match makeup to clothes. i think it’s outdated and really old fashioned. just my 2 cents. :-)

  14. yone wakimoto says:

    Because I usually wear neutral eyeshadow colors, I don’t go for it in trying to match up colors with what I’m wearing. But, I do use a splash of eyeshadow color maybe on my lids or outer v, etc. I also wear more sheer colored lipsticks. I’ll attribute these factors to my age. When I was in my twenties, I’d use just about any color I wanted and matched the colors with what I was wearing many a time

  15. Torridclover says:

    I would like to see you do something with earthy tones

  16. Kristin says:

    I match make-up to my clothes but not literally Example, once I was watching ‘Next’ on MTV and the girl had purple eyeshadow, shirt, nail polish AND shoes. Terrible.

    I go complimentary. Usually if I am wearing a super bright/flashy color in clothes I go for any darker smoky eye, or something with a matte. If I have more demure clothes then I”ll put metallic teal eyeshadow on.

    Just like with tops and bottoms. I’m not gonna wear a bright yellow top and bright yellow bottom with bright yellow shoes. :)

    Although my hair is cherry red so that does kinda mess things up

    Neways love your site and vids Francine

  17. Ashley says:

    The only reason why my make up don’t match my clothing is because I’m too bloody lazy. Not to mention, the colours that I like to wear (pink and purple) is not urmm, face friendly to me. Pinks makes my eyes swollen and purple sorta brings out the ‘yellowness’ in my skin tone. (I’m asian =_=)

    I love colours though and I agree that make up is art and self expression , just that sometimes where I am from, people don’t usually even wear make up so if we have brightly coloured eyes, we’ll end up getting weird stares. The last time I wore bright eye colour to work, my manager asked if ‘I was a bird’ not looney cause I guess in his head, birds are the only ones allowed to be that bright and colourful, although all i had was MAC parrot and nylon’ on.. sheesh

    So usually, I just draw plenty of eyeliner and some kind of brown or ash colour eye shadow and be done with it :P

  18. FabiolaRuiz says:

    Love matching my makeup with my outfits..Loving this colors on you.

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