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July Weight Loss Check In

July 8, 2009 by  
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The dreaded scaleBack in March I joined the weight loss bandwagon on Youtube. While I haven’t been checking in weekly, I’ve still made the attempt to check in on a somewhat monthly basis. gypsydancermacaholic of Youtube also started a weekly weight loss/exercise check-in on her blog, “It’s Called Maintenance” where a few of us gurus and beauty bloggers check in weekly on our dieting delights and disasters, and our exercise excursions. We simply reply to her check-in post for that week as a comment. I figure I’ll check in on her site, then post my check in on here as well, so all you lovelies that may be following me on my weight loss journey can still know where I stand. Whether you get my check-ins from my site or not, be sure to check out gypsydancermacaholic’s site as well as her Youtube channel. She offers some great, unbiased reviews (she’s a fellow Sagittarian, and therefore unbiased naturally, haha!) Anyhoo, here’s my check-in from last week. If you’re not wanting to read, then scroll down. I’ve posted my video check-ins as well which basically go over the same thing.


My weeks are running together so I can’t quite remember the wk before last. Last wk, however, I was in CA with my parents. Just the thought of staying with them for the wk I knew I’d end up possibly losing at least a pound or 2. Everytime I’m in CA I always feel the need to eat at the places that aren’t in TN, however I didn’t really do that as much as I thought I would or as much as I used to in the past. I blame that mostly on having no money since I spent it at IMATS the wkend before. Haha. Oh, now I remember the wk before. It wasn’t a very good wk mainly because I was so stressed & tied up with getting everything ready for the drive out to CA. The road trip wasn’t too healthy either. Whenever I’m driving long trips like that, my main concern is just getting there, so I’ll stop anywhere fast that I can eat on the road. I meant to make sandwiches to take with me so I wouldn’t have to stop somewhere unhealthy, but I completely brainfarted & by the time I remembered, I was already on the other side of Arkansas. Water goals started off pretty good, but ended rather horribly. As for exercise, the hubby & I got out a couple of times & took the dog for a walk, but I didn’t do much of anything else.

Back to last wk. I was with my parents & I always tend to eat WAY healthier when I’m around them (esp. my mom) then when I’m with my husband. My mom has always been on me about my weight (even when I was younger) so I’m assuming the constant awareness of not wanting to get nagged at & not wanting to “disappoint” them made me more aware of what & how much I was eating. Even when going out, I didn’t get anything overly fatty/greasy & mainly ate the veggies that would come on my plate rather than the actual main course itself. My dad got reg sodas cause he found out I don’t drink diet (can’t stand the taste), but I found myself drinking them only in moderation. I’d limit myself to 1 a day although a couple of days I had 2. This was WAY more self-restraint I’ve ever shown then what I used to do whenever soda was around (the 12-pack would’ve been gone in 2-3 days). The rest of the time, I was drinking water…not quite the amt that I want to be drinking (3 liters a day) but I still managed to drink 8 glasses. As for exercise, I’d go along with my mom to walk her dog. I also took my resistance bands with me & would do some exercises with those every now & again, as well as some sit-ups. I took my WiiFit with me but my parents’ TV is so old, I didn’t even bother to hook it up.

This wk is almost over so I’ll just go ahead & talk about it now & still check in tomorrow or whenever we’re checking in now. Haha. This week has been rather off for me. I have been trying to get back on a normal schedule. The drive threw me off in days so I keep thinking its Wed. when it’s really Thurs. Anyhoo, I got on my WiiFit this morning & got the shock of the wk! I wasn’t expecting to have lost any weight since the last time I checked in on YT or here, but to my surprise, I’ve lost 10.3 lbs. So since my last YT weight loss video, I’m actually halfway to my goal of wanting to lose 20 lbs before the hubby & I go on vacation. I’ve still got 3 wks to the day to lose 9.7 more!! So I’m definitely going to keep going now that I’ve had this motivational kick in the butt from my WiiFit!!

GOALS: DRINK MORE WATER! I’ve slacked on that the past couple of days. WiiFit 3-4 days of the week, go walking with the hubby 3-4 days of the week, and go to the gym 2-3 days of the week. I’m also contemplating digging out my Power 90 DVD. I know it works cause I’ve seen how it worked on my friend in her before and after pics after just 1 month! My goal for my weigh-in next week will me 3 lbs. You don’t think that’s too extreme or anything, right?


**STARTING WEIGHT (3/5): 287 lbs. or 130 kg

**RESTARTING WEIGHT: (5/29): 279 lbs. or 126.6 kg

**CURRENT WEIGHT (7/2): 268.7 lbs. or 121.8 kg

*******TOTAL LOSS: 18.3 lbs. or 8.2 kg*******

1st GOAL: 250 lbs.
2nd GOAL: 220 lbs.
FINAL GOAL:190-200
IFFY GOAL: 165-170 (this goal is iffy cause I think my head looks too big for my body when I’m less then 190 lol)


14 Responses to “July Weight Loss Check In”
  1. Javy says:

    girl, you are doing awesome!!

  2. Tanisha says:

    CONGRATS, you are doing great. Giving me motivation to do the same. =)

  3. Denise says:

    your doing great ,,,,,, byes

  4. Mina says:

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  5. kia says:

    keep up the great work! you are sooo inspiring! thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. kia says:

    oh and how long did it take you to lose the 18lbs?

  7. i manage to lose weight by doing lots of cardio workout, bench press and weight lifting. i also changed my diet into low fat and low carb diet.

  8. diet4weight says:

    nice info … thanks for sharing, it’s been a while looking for this … thanks again

  9. Weight Loss can be achieved easily through exercise. You should also consider a healthy and balance diet that is free from saturated fat. Avoid sugary foods too.

  10. Lily Evans says:

    Balance diet is so important if you want a healthy lifestyle and a longer life.”;;

  11. kia says:

    hey chica! long time, no chat ;) im not sure if i commented when you started this series, but i want to let you know that you make me proud and to continue doing what you are doing. you are doing great and keep me inspired!

  12. Elijah Lewis says:

    Cardio Workout is really great when you want to burnout those calories.”-

  13. the best cardio workout is of course running and jogging“’

  14. the best stuff that you can do to reduce body fast is of course a cardio workout ‘

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