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Randomness Be Gone!

June 2, 2009 by  
Filed under Random Musings

I’ve decided (and probably against my better judgment too) to combine my randomness blog and my beauty blog. While I’m sure you beauty readers out there liked the idea of the makeup and the random blogs being separated, it was just too difficult to always update two different blogs. I hope all of you will understand and that you’ll still tune in for the many posts I have coming up, both beauty and non-beauty related! :)

Also, I’ve come to decide (again, probably against my better judgment) to revamp my blog page once more. While I like the layout and look of this theme, the size of the sidebars puts a limit on the widgets I want to have up on my site, and I like having widgets up on my site! lol Please bear with me and I thank you ahead of time for your patience! :)

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