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Poll: Hair Styling Heat Products

June 29, 2009 by  
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Hair DryerLately I have been thinking about retiring my hair dryer and straightener and upgrading for the newer ones that are made with Tourmaline. I want to make sure though, that I am not just wasting my money of a lot of hype. Therefore, I am conducting a little poll.

If you have switched from the regular heat stying products to ones made with Tourmaline, feel free to tell me any information on what you have, like, dislike, etc. What do you recommend? What are your tips? And let’s not single anyone out…If you haven’t traded in your good ol’ reliable heat styling products for the fancy shmancy new ones, why?

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3 Responses to “Poll: Hair Styling Heat Products”
  1. Yes…the good ones made with Tourmaline made your hair shinier and smoother easier.

  2. Ana says:

    Well, i have very coarse, thick curly ass hair, and whenever i wanted to straighten it or blow dry it my hair always looked sad. lol for Christmas my aunt (she is a hairstylist) gave me a tourmaline hair dryer and straightener, like the super professional ones. Umm and after one freaking use of the straightener, my hair was sooooo soft and had like a natural shine. Same thing for the hair dryer. Love em.

    So if you have the means to get some new ones, then i say do it. But if not just stick wth what is already working for you :)

  3. Petralla5 says:

    i use a Revlon RV408 hair dryer for myself and i like it better than Conair

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