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My Plea!!

May 29, 2009 by  
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IMATS LA 2009 is just around the corner and I’d love to be able to go! However, the economy is hitting everyone hard, myself included, and I am desperately trying to come up with airfare money to get myself out to LA. If you can find it in your hearts and can afford to, please feel free to donate whatever amount you can! Roundtrip airfare from Nashville to Los Angeles is only $250. I figure if I can get 25 people to donate $10, or even 50 people to donate $5, I’d be set! See, it’s really not that much if you think about it in the end! :) Anything would be greatly appreciated! Plus, imagine the footage that all of us makeup gurus could get! Talk about one massive meeting of the gurus!! Haha!

For those of you who are not familiar with IMATS, it is the “International Makeup Artists Trade Show”. It is held every year in Los Angeles and in 3 other major cities around the globe. Here’s a tid bit of info from the IMATS website about the show:

About the Show

Known simply as “The Show” to the make-up world, the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) is the only show of its kind in the world. Thousands of make-up artists, vendors, manufacturers and enthusiasts convene for the make-up world’s biggest gathering to discuss, display, discover and collect the best the industry has to offer. If you’ve ever wanted to learn the techniques or experiment with the products, or if you just have an interest in the art of make-up, then L.A. is where you need to be. The show is open to the public. No make-up artist credentials are required to get you in the door.

Tickets are available online for advanced purchase. You’ll want to get them ahead of time because I’ve heard the lines get extremely long when waiting to purchase them the day of, and the price gets expensive too.


16 Responses to “My Plea!!”
  1. MiMi says:

    Is this a joke? Are you asking people to give you money so YOU can go to IMATS to meet other “gurus?” The economy IS crap, but shouldn’t we want to attend for OURSELVES? Seriously, let’s send a guru to meet other gurus so they can have a blast whilst us readers await the news about how fun they had partying and hanging out in LA with our hard earned money. Not a funny joke.

  2. kuuipo1207 says:

    I’m sorry this seems to have upset you so much, but no where in my blog did I say “hey, you stay at home and just send me.” If you want to go, go. I’m all for it! I wish everyone could go! It seems like one hell of a time that EVERYONE should be able to experience. I thank you for voicing your opinion on the matter. However, that is why I said IF you want to donate, then do so. If not, then don’t. People can choose what they want to do with their money and what they don’t want to do. If they want to chip in $1, $5, $10, hell, if they want to buy my whole airfare, then by all means, I’m not going to hold them back! But to get mad at me for simply asking for money that may just be spent going to Starbucks or McDonald’s is not a bad thing when I have every intention of coming back with loads of makeup and beauty information to share with everyone who wants to listen.

  3. MAC says:


  4. Danitza says:

    Hey! I bet you are really wanting to go… I mean, because of this… and you are right at the end, is your right to express how you feel about this convention and how much you want to go … however, I cant help u although I wish bcause first my house was robbed last week so my savings too =( and second, I have no credit cards and we dont use paypal …. anyhow, I like your idea and I really hope u can get help from other people. Like u said, you state why u want to go and u asked help from your friends and bloggers. If they want to help u I bet u will be more than grateful, if they dont, its ok, because its their decision. You are not putting them a gun in their head to help u hahahahaha =) I really hope u can go so you can keep us updated with all that information. =) And at the end, everyone is free to express their opinion. No one is right, the matter is about respect. And my opinion is that you have the right to express and ask for help and other have the right to decide if they help u or not. I dont see this, in my opinion, as a request or an order, just as a matter of ask for help. ITs like when in school you have to ask for money for a cause … sometimes, some students used the same technique not for a cause BUT for get extra money :P so I think what you are doing is ok and I hope u can get enought to go! take care and have an excellent weekend … and sorry for the long post :P

  5. MiMi says:

    Well I’m glad you gurus continue to operate with the mentality that you have some entitlement. I voice my opinion and find out through a forum you posted my opinion on Twitter. I was expressing how I felt as a reader, I thought it was a joke. I did not think you would really be so crass. In addition, remind xsparkage of the drama she JUST got out of over gurus before she decides to chime in. You think you guys are giving amazing free tutorials so you are entitled to donations to learn more so us “followers, subscribers etc should pay you? We owe you because if you don’t go to IMATS we can’t possibly learn from some of the non begging makeupartists out there? Put this on twitter and I will have you blasted with all your posse and you will be enduring another level of drama from a forum you can’t even comprehend…we make Cullgan look shy. Shut it Leesha!

  6. Mary says:

    I definitley agree with MiMi (although she couldve of worded it nicer)….Dont take this the wrong way, but I’m just being honest. I beleive that its unfair of you to ask people for money! Just think about it …its not like this is some sort of charity we’re giving money to,.. its so YOU can go have fun in LA, get makeup, meet people and share info that isnt even all that important/interesting. Why would I (or anyone else) want to simply give away money for that reason?

  7. Roo says:

    While I’m certainly not as mad as MiMi seems to be (relax, who really cares in the end?! and wtf Francine was neither crass in her response nor did she deserve to be “blasted” or whatever you were gonna do) my completely neutral opinion is that asking people for money to have fun because “you offer free videos” according to Leesha is just nonsensical. Everyone knows youtube is free, if you’re SUPER popular then youtube will reward you for that and you can make partner and more power to you for making money off of it. But that’s it, that’s how youtube works. I pay for my internet, you choose to make videos that I see using the internet I paid for.

    Opening up a fund for a new computer, new camera, etc, is one thing. Opening up a fund so you can go have fun and meet gurus and take footage, which we will probably never see, is another. your average uploading rate is about one video a month in the last year. What guarantee do we have you will come back and upload anything? Not much

    Even Petrilude in his latest blog video said “I would set up a fund to go to IMATS but it’s like asking people to send me money to go have fun” but honestly at least Petrilude uploads a TON of things, tuts, quick tips, reviews, his website is up to date, he twitters and does giveaways.

    I really do adore your videos and think you’re insanely talented and your personaility is awesome and I used to seriously check youtube EVERYDAY to see a video of yours up but it never WAS up and that is what gets me the most about this. Sorry, this is my truly honest opinion about this one single thing. Which I see several people share because look at how low this entry was rated and several ppl on my twitter have expressed the same opinion.

  8. StefaniePags says:

    Why are you all a bunch of fucking crybabies? Obviously you come to this website, or you wouldn’t have seen the post. Plenty of websites charge for their services, but you get all of Francine’s stuff for free! I love love love watching your YouTube videos, and I only wear makeup about twice a year. If you are actually REALLY into all the makeup and products she talks about, then some of the advice she has given you could be priceless. She is helping rid the world of fugly! And if you are on this site, and you follow her advice and use the products she does, then your spending 20 a jar on MAC eyeshadow. The economy is shit, but obviously some of you are still going out and stimulating the cosmetics industry! Put on your big girl panties and shut up, before she starts charging just to look at her site and videos!

    P.S. – Hi Francine! Love you, chick! I’m still not giving you money, but I sure as hell don’t mind you asking for it!

  9. gail says:

    I love that last comment of support: “I’m still not giving you money, but I sure as hell don’t mind you asking for it!” I think that’s the best you can hope for.

    I wouldn’t find this entry offensive, if it were tongue-in-cheek, but it’s not. These gurus really let the power to their heads don’t they. Actually, I’m not sure you can imagine, but it’s not in fact our privilege to watch you have fun and spend money getting tons of makeup, can you believe that?? Just step out of yourself, please. However good luck miraculously scraping together the money afterall, as I’m sure you will. Have fun!

  10. Kerry says:

    while i was very put off by the post, after seeing Francine’s reply i’m even more annoyed.
    she wrote: “I have every intention of coming back with loads of makeup and beauty information to share with everyone who wants to listen.”

    if you don’t have the money to pay for yourself to go to IMATS, where is the money coming from for you to buy “loads of makeup” while you are there??? none of it makes sense. it’s too bad too b/c Francine is talented and i too would come to the site looking for a new video only to be disappointed b/c it was months before i saw anything new.

    this also isn’t the first time she’s “asked” for something from her subscribers/followers/etc….. only she didn’t put a post up about it; she asked during the tutorial.

    i’ll be going to IMATS with my own (earned) money. i’ll be doing my own review with pictures and reviews. ;-)

  11. Roo says:

    Just wanted to give StefaniePags some perspective. “Put on your big girl panties and shut up, before she starts charging just to look at her site and videos!” If Francine decided to charge for her videos, trust me a lot of people would pay for them and I would be 100% supportive. She has that right. But asking for people to give money just so someone can go have fun is certainly not the same thing.

    I live in a developing country right now and I not only save and save for ages to buy makeup but I have seen people live on SO MUCH LESS than me it’s crazy. $10 for me gets me to and from work for a week. Not even kidding you. my lunch and breakfast today? together they cost $1.50. So no Stefanie I don’t think I will shut up just like Francine has the right to do whatever she wants and she openly complained about MiMi on Twitter, I have a right to speak out as well

  12. StefaniePags says:

    Hey, I think it would be fun to be a movie star, but for Brad Pitt, it’s a job right? She is asking for the money to send her to IMATS (which, ironically, I had totally never heard of) and in return, we will get new videos and make-up tips. This is what she is saying. She didn’t say “send me to the Bahamas! I want a vacation!” And even if she did say that, I would think the same thing, “No, sorry, cause I’m poor too!” If I was the aforementioned Brad Pitt however, and I enjoyed watching make-up tip videos (which would be a whole other weird story) I might donate some money just because this person has brought me some fabulous entertainment in the form of short little videos.

    It seems just as frivolous to give her 5 bucks to go to some convention as it is to spend 5 bucks on make-up. It’s a non-essential that is giving you enjoyment, and everyone can put their own price on it.

  13. ShutUrYapper says:


    First off it’s called a donation. It’s not like Francine is asking to borrow the money from you and she will pay you back?.

    At first I was a little shocked but in all honesty who cares. If somebody wants to donate to her than by all means good for her!.

    And who are you to judge her for her actions?? She’s an adult . This is her webside where she has every right to do and say as she pleases. She has a job and admitted she just doesn’t have the funds to buy the plane ticket. It’s not like she’s the very first guru to ask for some donation.

    Besides it’s not like she’s sitting at home on welfare. Popping out babies left and right from different men living off food stamps, getting a check every month and living in subsidized housing asking for money to buy some crack! Your acting like it’s against the law asking for some help. Why don’t you get off your high horse and go find people who are living off our hard earned tax dollars. Why don’t you start a forum about something that’s actually important as opposed to putting down Francine who makes videos for the rest of us to enjoy who love makeup.

    As for the homeless comment? if it’s so dear to your heart to help a homeless person why don’t you cut down on your internet and sell your computer to help out a homeless person whose in dire need. That way the rest of us can enjoy Francine’s videos in peace and quiet.

    Francine! don’t even worry about the haters! they are just hating cuz your beautiful, fantastic and pretty freaking awesome! Nobody does a video like you girl!!! NOBODY!!

    good luck and hope you get to go!


  14. ShutUrYapper says:


    misspelled a word. webside was supposed to be website. I know. oops!

  15. STIL143 says:

    LOL! All you people complaining about her asking for donations make me laugh. Do you think you’re posting on a website that is free? I can honestly tell you, as a web designer myself, it’s not.

    Have you not seen websites that have a donation button on their main site right next to their blog? Tons and tons of people do it and you know what they make money that way too. And God only knows what they’re doing with their money.

    Now Francine is asking for donations (meaning give if you can, if you can’t, then don’t, simple as that) because she wants to attend IMATS, yes she will more than likely have a good time, but she will learn, bring back so much information, tips and tricks.

    You don’t want to give, then don’t. Simple. Be on your way.

  16. ShutUrFrkingTraps says:

    I’ve read every single comment made here and I think all of you people who are complaining about Francine asking for money SUCK! Shut the f*k up and stop complaining….if you don’t like it then, do something else with your time. She’s not demanding money…. so you obviously don’t have to give any money!

    And for all of you who are supportive in your comments, I’m sure that she appreciates it. BTW, you are great and I love all of your makeup videos and your website and out of all the makeup advice that I’ve received, you are definitely the best source. I love you because I think you give great advice. I also wish you the best in your weight loss journey!

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