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Stolen Content Alert!

April 7, 2009 by  
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Makeup gurus of YouTube, be warned!


4 Responses to “Stolen Content Alert!”
  1. yaya says:

    that’s outrageous – i embedded this onto my blog so that more people can read about it.

  2. Linda says:

    I heard about this on Twitter. It’s horrible they didn’t ask for permission! I hope more YouTube girls write and have that site taken down.

  3. Nadia says:

    Hi Francine!
    I came across your video on you tube. you are simply awesome! I was wondering if you would be able to give me a couple of pointers about eye color. ?
    My eyes are very very light green/ gray. I like the smokey eye effect, but i think that it kinda makes me look freakish :) . Is there a combination of colors that i could use for the smokey eye? so that it doesn’t make me look like an alien?

  4. ilhammy says:

    please what is your (or her if she can’t read it) lipstick in this video ???thank you a lottt


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