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Weight Loss Update – Week 2

March 13, 2009 by  
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Let me just say this before we go any further…Could Youtube have picked a worse spot to get a thumbnail of the video?!? Moving on…

It’s the end of the first week and I actually feel pretty darn good for myself. I kind of left some things out of the video though. On top of being aware of my calorie and fat intake, I’ve been drinking TONS of water. No seriously. TONS of water. I heard (and then read) somewhere that the normal 8-8 oz. glasses of water a day isn’t enough and that you should be drinking more water depending on your weight and the amount of exercise you get in in a day. I can’t remember the exact equation but by the time I did the equation according to my weight, I should be drinking approximately 4 liters of water a day so that has been my goal. Unfortunately I forgot to drink water one day (yes, it is possible for me to forget to drink fluids) which was the day I got the pounding headache and didn’t work out on the elliptical. Since then though, I’ve made it a point to remember to drink water…mainly cause I don’t want to have a headache again like I had that day!

As for calories, I mentioned that my goal is to stay under 2009 calories a day. I’ve managed to do that with flying colors. According to my handy-dandy little calorie counter that I have on my iPhone, I’ve actually managed to stay under 2009 calories all week by an average of about 1,000+ calories a day! And I’m not even starving myself! I have 3 meals a day (if I get up early enough to have “breakfast”, lol) plus 2 snacks. If I wake up closer to lunch time, then I have brunch (usually of bowl of some type of whole grain cereal with skim milk) and a fruit. My average calorie consumption per day was 759.17 after including exercising. Before including exercise, my average calorie consumption for the week was 1225.33. That leaves an average of me burning about 466.17 calories a day from working out. And that’s including me skipping a couple of days at the gym. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

My goals for this week are going to be the following:

1. Increase my time and workout level at the gym. I’m hoping to not skip out on the gym, and if I do, then I am going to at least make an adequate attempt at doing the same level of working out else where. I’ll be up in Clarksville, and my friends that I’m staying with have a Wii. She said she was planning on getting the WiiFit this weekend. I’m really eager to try it out because I have been bugging my husband about getting one for the past year now! Haha!

2. Continue drinking lots and lots of water! Minus the one day I forgot to drink water (I got sidetracked doing video editing…anything I do that requires a lot of attention on the computer, I tend to forget normal survival skills! Ha!), I did pretty well throughout this week. I’ve gotten quite used to drinking water and, I believe, have nipped the whole soda addiction in the butt. I have always made it a point to not keep soda in the house because I know that I will always reach for a soda instead of water. Therefore, because of that weakness, it doesn’t even make it’s way into my shopping cart at the grocery store.

3. Continue calorie counting. I’m starting to notice that I’m becoming more aware of what I take in and of what is on my plate. I’m wanting to continue this mentality because I’m finding that it’s working really well for me so far.

4. Become more aware of my sodium intake and my fat intake. Although my fat intake tends to go hand-in-hand with my calorie intake, it’s still good to know what I’m taking in as far as fat is concerned. And when it comes to sodium, well, I’d really like to not retain all the water I’m taking in. 

5. Remember to take my vitamins!! This is something that I’m REALLY bad at. First off, I hate, and I mean HATE taking vitamins.  I have a hard enough time taking pills in the first place (even small ones), and taking a horse-sized vitamin pill never sounds appealing to me. I always have to “hide” or “disguise” the fact that I’m taking vitamins by tricking myself and take them while I’m eating. Anyhoo, I’ve read that B-Complex vitamins help to aid in metabolism as well as chromium picolinate. I’ve had these vitamins for a while, and while they’re not really that big, I still hate taking them (the taste always gets me.) I also have some vitamins from GNC that I want to start taking again…Ultra-NourisHair and Hair, Skin & Nails formula for Women. I was taking those vitamins before too, after chopping off my hair and have decided that I want to get back on them again. Here’s to eating horse pills!

My husband felt the need to interrupt my blogging to add a note. So I’ll leave it as a closing remark.

“I’m very proud of my frannie! love johnny” 

Ain’t he sweet? :)


8 Responses to “Weight Loss Update – Week 2”
  1. Ana says:

    Hey -
    great job and awesome progress! two weeks and six pounds? good god lucky girl that weight seems to go alot faster than mine -
    i seem to gain weight after working out because my muscles bulk up immediately like a mans’–
    lucky you. keep it up, i’m curious to hear more.


  2. natalie jo says:

    i started working out and watching what i eat this week too! i had a great week, besides the fact that i got sick.. but that only slowed me down for 1 day.. but i bounced back! im happy to hear that you had such a great week, and that i can relate to someone else! keep up the good work, girl!

  3. Karli says:

    Well it is not a recipe but a really good snack is veggies with two table spoons of hummus!

  4. LO says:

    Hi first off love your videos! Well I am in the army stationed here at ft. campbell I know you said you were going to be in the clarksville area. If you are I recommend to my overweight soldiers who are trying to lose weight to go to a weight loss center on 41A and dover, across the street from kroger they have been very successful you should look into it.

  5. dana says:

    Hi, i really like you videos. Just want to say before i start that im norwegian so sorry if my english is terrible…And just want to say its really good results. and you seem motivated… Ive been overweight for quite some time my self and started dieting 5 month ago…its become a lifestyle, and the helth bennefits are amazing!! And haveing lost 18 kg i say its well worth it in the end, but have a long way to go still. I just wish i was as good as you exersising… because i dont. dont have time. or maybe i dont make time…hehe…whatever…just wouldnt mind haveing your exersisin mentality.
    I am following a low carb diet so even dho i have alot of resepies its low carb and not that much low calories. well some are… I have a lot of dessert so if you are interested in resepies you can say what you want the most.. like is it dinner suggestions or lunch, maybe desserts? i could try and turn my low carb choccolate delice a bit more low calories if you dare… hehe…
    well just chatting on, so good luck to you!! love your vids, oi have i already said that?..

  6. demi says:

    hi,it’s the first time i leave you a note although i watch your videos all the time and i really admire what you are doing!as far as your dieting is concerned i believe that you are in a really good way!i try to lose some weight too and i can understand your effort…. anyway!so,good luck!

  7. renee says:

    (no, I’m not from Hawaii, just love it and all things tropical and summery!) How’s the weight loss going? That is something I struggle with daily. This time last year I was 40 pounds lighter than I am now… and THAT was after losing 57 pounds to get there. Now I’m bummed… about my bum LOL! Anyhow. I think your first two weeks was awesome and all the exercise, too. Just wondering how it’s going now. Also wonderfing how tall you are. In those pics of you at 200, you don’t look 200 at all. Weight is sooooo relative, isn’t it? Btw, I think your make-up vids are wonderful… and I think the word you may have been looking for in the beginning of this vid … about your hubby… may be FOCUSED. When I’m focused on something I tend to stick with it. I need to find my weight loss focus again!

    I’m a big fan of a low carb diet. I feel my best when I’m following that way of eating. I don’t worry about fat, and we grill a LOT, too. I mainly stay away from the “white” group… sugar, flour, and all things related including corn. If interested, I recommend the Atkins New Revolution Diet book. Lots of info that makes great sense. I’m about to go dig my copy back up and re-read for some motivation.

    oh yeah… I hate taking vitamins, too, but force down a few daily. And water… good going on all the water, I actually like water… a lot :) especially with ice.

    Well, I just re-read what I typed…fits quite well in your “randomness” section here :)

    Take care, I hope it’s all still going great!

  8. lilly says:

    Hi Francine, I am so happy for you. I was doing really well with exercising on my treadmill for 30 min to an hour daily, drinking plenty of water and taking my vitamins. Then I don’t know why but I lost my motivation, even though I was starting to see the weight fall off. Yes it doesn’t make any sense. The only think i can think of is that when i saw i was dropping the weight i guess i got too comfortable when i maintained the weight loss. Any who, you have really inspired me to get my ass back on track lol. I wanna be hot or slightly hot damn it! lol seriously i just want to be healthy, and fit into cute clothes. I have an itouch and yes the weight loss application is awesome for keeping track of calorie intake, i will start tomorrow morning and hopefully we all can drop some weight together.

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