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Look of the Week Poll

March 13, 2009 by  
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voting_is_sexy_posterJust a quick reminder about the Look of the Week Poll. I know I talked about it briefly in my Arabic makeup video so just thought I’d put out a little reminder. The poll will close on March 19th at midnight Central Standard Time. That means all you Hawaiian honeys need to get your votes in by 7 p.m., West Coast beauties need to get your vote in by 10 p.m., Mountain time lovelies by 11 p.m, and East Coast dolls have until 1 a.m. March 20th. Make your vote count! Feel free to vote more than once too! Go on! Be your sexy self and put your right to choose to good use!

Want to see your request added to the Look of the Week list in the future? Add your look request in the comments section below and I’ll add it to my Look of the Week list to choose from each week!


4 Responses to “Look of the Week Poll”
  1. Jackie says:

    I love everything you do!! your makeup is the best i’ve seen. i watch your videos over and over. thank god your making videos again. dont stop sister. peace.

    Jackie, your biggest fan!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love ur makeup tutorials! u hav such a great personality n mak da extra time 2 do makeup in da mornin seem fun! my bf thinks i look pretty w/o makeup but i loveeeeeeee da looks u do! he thinx its funny how i call u my makeup frnd who taught me how 2 make new combinations from my makeup! thanx 4 doin tutorials! :)

  3. Rosa says:

    Hey hun….

    I just watched your Angelina Jolie “wanted” eyeshadow video….I’ve been wanting to dothat look since FOREVER, and never knew how! Thanks!

    (PS….what was that stuff you put on your cheeks, before you started the whole eyeshadow process??)

  4. REYES says:

    O’ my goodness, I love your looks! You’ve taught me so much and I’m an old lady! LOVE IT THANKS!!!

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