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Make Up Forever Swatches

January 15, 2009 by  
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I’ve had these eye shadows for a little while now, but I figured I’d post some swatches for you little lovelies. I think of them all as eye shadows since I got them from Sephora and they were all grouped under eye shadows. However, the labels on the back of some of these say “Blush Powder.” Now why there’s a difference in labeling compared to where they’re grouped on the display, I couldn’t tell ya, but I just classify them all all eye shadows regardless of the labeling (cause quite honestly, I wouldn’t catch myself going around wearing purple blush, unless it was for a costume or something!). All images are clickable.

Make Up For Ever Eye Shadows

Make Up Forever Eye Shadow #303 & #2Make Up Forever Eye Shadow #149

Make Up Forever Eye Shadow #83 & #72Make Up Forever Eye Shadow #9 & #92

Make Up Forever SwatchesMake Up Forever Swatches


***EDIT & PRECAUTIONARY NOTE*** After doing some research on Sephora (basically, I looked at MUFE’s line on Sephora’s site), the color that I labeled as Blush Powder #2, is actually Blush Powder #26. The 6 rubbed off of my label. That “eye shadow”, as well as Blush Powder #9 are actually considered as blushes on, despite the fact that every Sephora store I’ve ever been to displays those two “blushes” in the eyeshadow area. So if you have sensitive, be wary of using these colors around your eye/eye area. Also as a side note….Make Up For Ever lists Blush Powders #9 and #92 in both their blush (about half way down the page) and eye shadow (9 at the top, 92 towards the bottom) sections on their site. Go figure. Since they are considered “blushes” (and eye shadows as well I guess), I would still advise the same cautionary note when it comes to the eye/eye area.


4 Responses to “Make Up Forever Swatches”
  1. Jackie O says:

    Hey Francine,

    Just wanted to say Hi! i feel you when it comes to the military, im moving to japan soon with my AF fiancee and its quite hard explaining why you absolutely need makeup lol.

    anyways you should definitely show your MAC HAUL.



  2. Ivania says:

    Hi Francine,
    Ivania (you tuber) here. Like if I were sitting around the coffee table having this discussion with you, i’d probably mention that there is alot of red pigment to make those blushes and thats perhaps why they are not sold for the eye although when has it ever stopped us from applying this there and that over there. :) Unless they got a highly pigmented red shadow, i imagine its probably in the blush section too.
    I love these little details. Red stuff is not commonly sold for around the eye area. Although I did buy this cool dazzle dust from barry m and its like red red. I’ll have to post it for you. maybe you want a sample? :)
    peace! cholita lipliner rules!

  3. kuuipo1207 says:

    Hi Ivania! Yeah, I know about the red pigmentation and how red’s not typically used around the eyes (hence, my little cautionary note). It just cracked me up that a couple of them were called blush powders but were showcased in the eye shadow section. But then after looking at MUFE’s site, it considered a couple of them as both blushes and eye shadows…just kinda confusing, ya know. lol :)

  4. Charlene Daalling/all4one1fourall says:

    Hey Francine,

    Wow, wish I wouldve known. I live in Raleigh and am so jealous that you are moving. I live about 5 miles from the mall which is about the only thing I like about about my location is that I live near Walmart and Target and the mall.

    Other than that I wish I would move ssssooo bad. I have been here for 9 yrs and am sssoo ready to move out of this state.

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