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Have you seen the new look for the MAC Cosmetics site?? Talk about a technological upgrade! Me likey! I took a few snapshots of the site and how you can maneuver around it. It will take a little bit of getting used to but I really like the change (all pics clickable for larger images)!

MAC cosmetics Search Email LocationMAC Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics


They have a cool new feature where you can search through the products by color.

MAC Cosmetics Search By Color 1
MAC Cosmetics Search By Color 2
MAC Cosmetics Search By Color 5
MAC Cosmetics Search By Color 3
MAC Cosmetics Search By Color 4
MAC Cosmetics Search By Color Narrowed

I also LOVE this new feature. Beforehand, I had to rig my computer to print the looks as a PDF so I could save them on my computer rather than wasting piles and piles of paper (my husband’s a computer geek, so he showed me how), but now you can just save it as a PDF directly…No strings attached!

MAC Cosmetics Looks 1
MAC Cosmetics Looks 2
MAC Cosmetics Looks 3

I don’t know about you, but I REALLY REALLY like it! Plus, it’s about time they upgraded their site to something more flashy. Their site has been the same since I started using MAC and that was back in 2003!!


2 Responses to “ Gets a Makeover!”
  1. Sanderlees says:

    not fair…
    I received an email from mac yesterday saying they changed the url from .COM to .CA for canadians (because now we get our very own site! woopdidoo…)… nothing changed.. everything is the same… but you guys in the States get a super cool amped up site… =(

  2. Umai says:

    omgawsh !!! i was on youtube and found your tutorials ! and woww i just did a smokey eye and i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur eye makeup!! just loveeeeeeee it although u do use very expensive makeup hahah.. like i own only a few shadows from mac.. but its ok .. i get the picture.. :D I LOVE ITT .. KEEP ON TRUCKIN SISTER!!

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