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Has Hell Frozen Over??

January 6, 2009 by  
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I never thought I’d see this day coming! MAC must be getting hit hard by 1 of 2 things…or both! Either they’re losing sales to competitors or they’re being affected by the economy like everyone else…or both! Whatever the case may be, act now and act quickly! They’re having a sale! GASP!! That’s right, I said SALE!!



25% OFF EVERYTHING ONLINE (minus Viva Glam products). Yes that’s the catch. It’s only available online. This offer cannot be used at MAC stores or counters. Regular shipping rates apply. Offer is only available to North America (US and Canada). Sale good through January 6th, 2009 to January 8th, 2009. Hurry! Before they change their mind!


7 Responses to “Has Hell Frozen Over??”
  1. Erin says:

    I am waiting for the Blonde Brunette and Redhead collection to come up and then I will SHOP!!

  2. Macfan1966 says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the sale. I just placed an order. Your the best.

  3. GIGI says:

    God bless their heart! I just purchased the Adoring Carmine Brush set and 2 other brushes. Cost me $81 and I got free shipping. If i had purchased all 7 of these brushes separately it would have cost me $165 plus tax!!!!!! woohoo :-)

  4. ybet says:

    thanks for the tip! i just bought the adoring carmine brush set , i never thought I could ever lay my hands on this since it got sold out during the holidays, i ended up calling all the mac outlets in my area but NADA… i’m just sooo happy!!! thanks again!

  5. Lucy says:

    Just came across your blog by accident. I have lots of reading to do. I’ve ordered twice for the Mac sale. The first time I forgot to put in the sale code. I’m waiting for them to email me with a corrected balance. The second time I put in my order for the Adoring Carmine brush set. Then I browsed all over and ordered a few things. I get a “sorry” notice, they just sold out of Adoring Carmine. Phooey! I did order the face brush set. Does Mac usually have sales? I’m pretty new to the company. Thanks.

  6. kuuipo1207 says:

    Not usually. Even late last year, when they offered a 25% discount on the holiday collection stuff, I was flabbergasted! lol

  7. ybet says:

    Hi! it’s me again. What do you use to clean your mac eyebrushes, how do you do it (do you soak it overnight?) and how often? Thank you!!!

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