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OMG! This is so awesome!! Koren of EnKoreMakeup has teamed up with the ever fabulous Emmy award winning makeup artist Eve Pearl to start a series entitled “Be-YOU-tified!” Koren randomly finds unsuspecting people roaming around NYC and finds out what their makeup problems or questions are. He then takes them to Eve Pearl’s studio/boutique to get a makeover by who else other than Eve Pearl herself!!! Can we so O—M—G!!! That’s it!! Screw the recruiting with the hubby! I’m moving to NYC so Koren can randomly run in to me so I can get a makeover from Eve Pearl!!  Can I get a “Hell yeah! Hell yeah!!” Oh Hell yeah, hell yeah!!



2 Responses to “Be-YOU-tified!”
  1. Wendygrrl says:

    Greetings from Chicagoland..

  2. Marloes van Dijk says:

    Hell yeah! Hell yeah!!
    But if you move to NYC so Koren can run in to you… doesn’t that mean that you will have to go out in the streets without proper make-up on? :o Cause they will not pick a true make-up artist like you :P.

    Greet and kisses from Holland

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