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Makeup Guru Monday, Third Times a Charm!

December 29, 2008 by  
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Alright, it’s been a long but I sure as heck didn’t forget about my Makeup Guru Monday series! So let’s guess this party started with the third entry into the wonderful world of my favorite YouTube makeup gurus! Remember, these are in no particular order. They’re just gurus that I LOVE to watch and that I wanted to share with all of you fabulous beauty fanatics out there!

Today’s guru hails all the way from Northern California’s bay area and is just a delight to watch on the tube. She has a style that is quite frankly all her own – it’s not vintage or tacky despite what her username states – vintageortacky!

Otherwise known as Cora, vintageortacky has some bright, colorful looks on her page. She uses a wide range of cosmetics, including Coastal Scents which is something I know a lot of you youtubers like! She gives great instructions in her live videos and always has some great pics of the looks she created. Check out this video! It’s the first of seven videos in a new series inspired by the characters of the anime cartoon “Sailor Moon.”


vintageortacky's Rainbow woman


While you’re at it, be sure to check out her blogspot too where you can get to see more pics of her fabulousness…like this one! Freakin’ trippy, yeah? Yet awesomely amazing! Photo courtesy of


By the way, if you LOVE her hair (like I do), she also has a quite a few videos dedicated to talking about the products she uses and such. Check those out too! And if you didn’t already, subscribe! It amazes me that she doesn’t have nearly as many subscribers as I think she should have!

I’m outtie! Peace, love, and happiness for the New Year and always!


One Response to “Makeup Guru Monday, Third Times a Charm!”
  1. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT i DIDN’T SEE THIS? Thank you SO much Francine. I was wondering how I got 60 subscribers in one day, lol!

    I was joking to Candy, that someone must have done a shout out that I didn’t know about. I know you siad you were gonna do this, but i didn’t think it would be SO fast. You rock!

    and again, thank you! You’re so sweet!

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