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Leesha Cracks Me Up

December 18, 2008 by  
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Can I get an amen!?

Makeup store shopping tips…for those of you new to the world of makeup shopping…



One Response to “Leesha Cracks Me Up”
  1. Sophie says:

    I went into the main mall in town, yesterday, with my older sister. We went into Boots (An English makeup store) and we went straight to the small Barry M section, right next to the Natural Collection aisle. I swear, I had never been so grosed out in a makeup store in my life! There were these three seven year old girls (I did ask them their age…) just grabbing the Barry M lipglosses and pumping it 1,000,000 before applying straight onto their small lips (Which were coated with candy sugar and chocolate). It was gross! Me and my sister were just staring at them like, “WTF are you brats doing?” I shuddered when they were laughing because there was dewy, stringy bits of lipgloss stuck on their lips that stretched when they opened up. That was only in Boots, as then I went to Superdrug to buy the Sleek Divine “Storm” Palette and I was trying out the eyeshadow testers below from that palette. However, there was this old, bitchy staff member who took care of the makeup sections and she gave me such evil looks. Then while I was testing out the shadows, she went up to me and went, “Oi, put that back or I’ll ‘ave you for stealin’!”
    My sister was like, “WTF.”
    I showed the lady the TESTER note on the shadow case and she nudged me as she walked away, which made me drop the palette I was about to pay for – breaking all the shadows inside because they’re so soft. I had to pay the store for breaking the palette, and I swear to God; the nasty lady was almost laughing at me! My sister bought me a new Sleek palette :)

    As we were walking out of the shop, my sister “Accidentally” (;-D) stamped on the old lady’s foot. Hehe…(:

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