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Dame Edna – December 26th

December 20, 2008 by  
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Dame Edna is due to release December 26th. What are you wanting to get? I’m wanting all the lip products and at least one of the highlight powders…maybe both! I’m kinda iffy on the eyeshadow trios, but if I were to get one, I’d go for the Royal Tour Trio despite the fact that I already have one of the colors! Isn’t the packaging freakin’ great?!?! What do you think?









Lipstick (LE) – $14.00 USD
Kanga-rouge – Creamy dark blue red (amplified creme)
Gladiola – Matte mid-tone blue pink (matte)
Coral polyp – Creamy mid-tone coral (amplified creme)




Lipglass (LE) $14.00USD
Hot Frost – Sheer mid-tone blue pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (frost)
Splendid – Frosty pale pinky coral (frost) (Repromote from Anitiquitease: Finery Lip Bags – Holiday ’07)
Possum Nose Pink – Sheer bright coral with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (frost)




Royal Tour Eye Trio – $32.00USD
Royal Tour – Mid-tone cool lilac (satin)
Dame’s Desire – Frosty mid-tone reddish purple (frost)
Climate Blue – Dark blue violet with pink pearlized pigments (velvet) (Repromote from Cool Heat)

Wisteria Eye Trio – $32.00USD
Fineshine – Frosty true-silver (lustre) (Repromote from Lustrevision)
Wisteria – Frosty robin’s egg blue (velvet)
Divine Night – Frosty charcoal with silver pearlized pigments (velvet)




Highlight Powder (LE) – $26.00USD
What a Dame! – Pale orangey pink
Spectacle – Pale soft pink




Nail Lacquer (LE) $11.00USD
Asiatique – Creamy classic red (creme) (Repromote from Ornamentalism)
Varicose Violet – Frost mid-tone pinkish purple (frost)

All pictures and product information graciously hoarded from specktra.net, the greatest MAC forum ever and the worst form of rehab for a MAC addict like me! Haha!


3 Responses to “Dame Edna – December 26th”
  1. kia says:

    yay! for amplified cremed!! how have you been? I didn’t keep up with your blog changes :(((

  2. kuuipo1207 says:

    Hey girl! I’ve been alright. Not too bad. Still alive, have a roof over my head and food on the table, so it could always be worse, haha! Don’t feel bad about not keeping up with my blog changes…it’s not like I’ve really been keeping up with my blog like I should be, haha, but I’m trying now! :)

  3. Johanna says:

    Yay this LE is coming here as well!! *victory dance* I’m so totally get the splendid lipglass; it looks amazing! actually I would like to get all the lipglasses, lipsticks & beauty powders… and the lavender packaging is really cute, too, even if it has stickers.
    But most important: let’s keep our fingers crossed, that the Hello Kitty edition will be released here, too!! this would be awesome! thanks fran for sharing the pictures!

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