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Your Pores—Open & Shut Case?

August 6, 2008 by  
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Pores---Open & Shut Case?

Do you have big pores? Do your pores clog easily? Do you use hot water to help open your pores while cleaning your face, and then cold water afterwards to close them up again? Do you spend hour after hour researching different products in a mad search for something that will give you a “perfect” looking pore-free face? Have you ever tried those nifty little products that claim to “shrink” your pores over time?

One more question: Did you know that your pores do not actually open or close?

True fact. I know! I was shocked too! I was catching up on my Google Reader and noticed this article from The Beauty Bunny; and after doing some research, it seems pretty true.

I always knew all those products that claim to shrink your pores didn’t literally make them smaller. That was a no brainer to me – they’d have to seep into your DNA and change your genes or something scientific like that. All those products really do is just create the illusion that they’re getting smaller. I use Clinique’s Pore Minimizer cause it “mattes” out my face, which won’t allow as much light to reflect off of them little buggers I hate so much (really, I don’t have BIG pores, but I don’t have milky smooth skin either).

But to find out that my pores don’t actually open and close when I use hot/cold water or toner…now THAT surprised me. Ha! I guess it pays to not always believe the hype that beauty companies try to push on you.


7 Responses to “Your Pores—Open & Shut Case?”
  1. Beda says:

    I use that Clinique product too! It was the first one I got from the Pore Minimizer Line. In my case I can count (really) 3 big open pores. And the minimizer, besides the matte effect you describe, fills them and its the only thing that helps me get a smoother looking skin. Some use this as a primer, I use after applying regular primer and it has worked really well.

    I have other product of that line, the pore minimizing lotion (I think it’s called like that). The only thing I like about it is that I woke up every morning with my face feeling extremely soft.

  2. clarissa says:

    hi francine,
    I’m curious is there any other products that your recommend for large pores?
    I’m gonna check the clinique products. But, I wonder if there is something out there that works as well.


  3. Qinshi says:

    I remember reading a while back in one of my biology books that the pore is a cone shape with the larger part on the surface. So like if you stuck a ice cream cone, sharp end first into your skin.

    The pore minimizing cleansers and such usually buff off the first couple layers of skin so it’s like shaving off the top of the cone so the diameter looks smaller, but as dead skin accumulates the pore looks bigger.

  4. Denise says:

    OMG I knew something was up to with the hype of pore opening and closing bcuze I have tried it all for my face and nothing seemed to work my face seemed to just get very greasier with every cleancing and toner who knew no more buy all those crazy products.

  5. Annie says:

    There is a company that I absolutely love called Pure Luxe Cosmetics. Aside from the endless selection of mineral pigments, they carry a product called the Eraser. This product is a miracle for anyone with large pores and/or fine lines. I use it daily, it even hides a chicken pox scar on my forehead.

    Its a gel/cream base that’s translucent on the skin, and it dries to a silky finish. It acts as a soft-focus diffuser on your skin. You can also get it with color correctors mixed in. A little goes a long way and you’ll have to test it with the rest of your face makeup regiment to see when you should apply it. I use Bare Minerals, so i use the eraser on top as a last step so the powder doesn’t clump on my face.

  6. Chicken pox is one hell of a nasty disease, it ruined my flawless skin a couple of years ago.:,-

  7. Chicken pox is one hell of a nasty disease, it ruined my flawless skin a couple of years ago.:’`

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