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Make-up Guru Monday, Grand Opening!!

August 4, 2008 by  
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I’m not sure if you could tell, but I’m not your typical beauty blogger. I try to avoid the vicious cycle of just regurgitating what someone else has posted on their blog and I try to give my own perspective on all things makeup. I’m not one of those people that enjoys going to another blog, reading a review, and then goes back to my blog and try to vomit back on you guys something that you probably could have read for yourself (or may have already read if you’re subscribed to that person’s feed.) If I do regurgitate someone else’s posts, it’s because I found them interesting and worth sharing cause maybe, just maybe, you may not be subscribed to them, and because I want to give them credit and props for putting out such great info.

All the same, with that said, I decided that I would try to come up with a new theme or set of themes to match with the days of the week…and because I enjoy alliteration as much as the next person, I found my first theme…Make-up Guru Mondays….too bad Muru wasn’t another word for Guru. Haha. On Make-up Guru Mondays, I’ll try to blog about the latest make-up guru I’ve found on YouTube and why I love them! Or I may just post about a particular video of a classic favorite guru and post why I love that video and why you should check it/them out! How does that sound? (Enter reply: “OMG Francine! That’s ingenious! You’re so smart!”) Good! I’m glad you like the idea. Considering the fact that I have 140+ subscriptions and keep finding more gurus everyday, I figure that should be some good writing for about a year. Haha!

Now, today’s makeup guru gets the honor of not only being showcased on my blog (gee, I’m beginning to notice that I sure do think a lot of myself and my blog, haha…), but they also get the absolute highest honor of being the FIRST “Make-up Guru Monday” guru! Woohoo! Everybody give this person a big round of applause and show them some love!! I know you are all waiting in anxious anticipation of who the lucky winner is (well, if you haven’t scrolled down already just to find out who it is…cheaters!).

Today’s lucky guru is someone who’s work I absolutely LOVE, and conveniently enough, her YouTube name stays with my cute little alliteration and starts with an “M”!! Her FOTD’s on Specktra are always flawless, gorgeous, and just leave me speechless! If you have not found her on YouTube, then you need to find her now. She is Julia, otherwise known to youtubers as MissChievous. She is very thorough in her tutorials, really making sure to explain her technique and why she does it. Her videos are extremely clear so its very easy to see what she’s doing, and her pictures are absolutely stunning! As she uses the colors and eyeshadows, she also tries to offer substitutes for some of her colors if you may not have the particular color she is using. Her latest tutorial is a two-parter, and was inspired by a look that Hayden Panettiere wore at a red carpet event. It’s rather reminiscent of a soft smoky brown look.


One Response to “Make-up Guru Monday, Grand Opening!!”
  1. MissChievous says:

    Thanks so much for your spotlight on my channel!! :) I’m very flattered. :)

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