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Great Tips from Iman

August 27, 2008 by  
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Having a hard time finding out how to conceal those trouble spots? Fret no more. I was reading a great book at the book store by Iman titled “The Beauty of Color”. The book is geared more to women (and/or men) of color, Asian descent, Hispanic descent…basically anyone that isn’t Caucasian. However, don’t think that because you’re Irish, German, Swedish, English, you name it, doesn’t mean that this advice can’t apply to you. Look it over, try it out and see what works best for ya!

All the following information is from “The Beauty of Color” by Iman.


Undereye Circles
First, make sure you’re facing your light source, so you don’t get shadows and end up applying concealer to dark spots that don’t exist! Masking undereye circles calls for full coverage, so use a cream concealer or foundation stick. To apply, use a tiny brush to paint on concealer from the inner corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Then blend, woman, blend!

Dark Spots and Patches
Hyperpigmented skin needs even fuller coverage than undereye circles. Look for a highly pigmented, dense concealer. With a wedge sponge, apply over the dark spots with a patting-rolling motion. Then blend on a foundation shade that’s lighter than your skin but darker than the concealed spot. Tricky, but with practice, totally doable and, more importatnt, worth it.

There are a bunch of salicylic acid-infused concealing sticks and creams on the market for acne sufferes. It’s a brilliant idea – now you can cover up your blemishes while imparting medicine to clear them up. The important thing to remember, though, is that salicylic-acid formulas should never be used under your eyes, only on blemishes.

1. To warm up your concealer, swipe some on the back of your hand. Then use a tiny brush to pick up the concealer and apply – it’ll blend like a dream.

2. Choose a concealer one shade lighter than your natural skin color. If it’s too dark or too light, it’ll look unnatural and actually highlight the area you’re trying to conceal. Here are the shades to use if your skin is:

  • Light olive to olive: warm beiges
  • Deep tan: sandy neutrals
  • Dark: caramels
  • Very dark: warm cocoa

3. As with foundation and powder, always use a yellow-based concealer, no matter your skin color. It’s the most natural-looking.

4. If you’re fair-skinned, try a wand concealer; it has the sheerest formula and won’t overpower your skin tone. If you’re medium- to dark-skinned, try pots, sticks, or creams – You’ll need a concealer with more pigment, since you have more pigment in your skin.

If you wear concealer and foundation, try putting on the foundation first. Why? You may find it adequately covers the areas you were going to conceal. If you still look uneven, then add concealer, and set with powder.


One Response to “Great Tips from Iman”
  1. Beda says:

    Excellent article. Gotta try concealing with a sponge, I have some serious dark spots in my face that drive me crazy. Thanks for this.

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