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M.A.C. Pro Neon Pigment Swatches

July 8, 2008 by  
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MAC Pro Neon Pigments - Indoor LightingIf you like bright, and I mean bright, you need these pigments. No, really. You NEED these pigments. They are absolutely gorgeous and these pictures don’t do them justice. Yeah sure, the colors pop in the pics, but what they do for you in the pictures, well, multiply that by five. Yes, the pigments are that much brighter in person! Unfortunately, they’re only a M.A.C. Pro product. So if you don’t have a Pro card or don’t have a Pro store near you, you’re gonna have to go the extra mile to get your hands on these. You have one of two options: a) you can call MAC Pro direct through the 1-800 number located on their customer service site, OR b) you can call your nearest Pro store, which can be found through the MAC Pro site, and order the pigments from them. If you’re going to order the pigments from your nearest Pro store and need to search for the store first, make sure you click the option to “Show only M·A·C stores that sell M·A·C PRO Product“. This will ensure that you are contacting a store that actually has these pigments, since not all Pro products are sold at MAC counters or regular stand alone stores.

MAC Pro Neon Pigments - Indoor-Lighting From WindowAll swatches were done on the the under side of my arm (about NC 30), and were applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion with a Loew Cornell Maxine’s Mop brush.

A side note about the pigments. These are not recommended for use in the eye area, and Green Space is not recommended for use in the eye or the lip area. While MAC puts out these warnings, they don’t always apply to everyone, they are more of a safety precaution for MAC so they can cover their own tracks should someone want to go after them for not putting warning labels in with the packaging. That being said, if you have sensitive eyes, and have had reactions to certain MAC products that were not considered safe for the eye area, you may want to think twice before purchasing these. As for me, I’ll go blind from having blinding colors on my eye lid. Haha!

MAC Pro Neon Pigments - Outdoor Lighting


3 Responses to “M.A.C. Pro Neon Pigment Swatches”
  1. OMG! I almost forgot how to breathe.. I NEED those pigments! ASAP!

    PS.. I almost thought you had a scar going across your arm and was trying to remember if you ever said you were a cutter (yes I’m dumb, and apparently blind) I later realized it was your watermark logo. LOL

  2. kuuipo1207 says:

    htown_chic2002—OMG that is soo funny! That cracked me up. :D

  3. Found your webblog on AskJeeves, great content, but the site looks awkward within my browser setup, but gets results fine in IE. go figure.

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