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Contouring & Blush

July 28, 2008 by  
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A while ago, I found a great site that offered oodles of different recommendations for contouring and applying blush based on the shape of your face. I just did a video for how I contour and apply my blush, and as promised in the video, here’s the info about the website.

I took a screen shot of the site so you guys could see the contouring information. The site is Check it out sometime. It has some other little helpful hints and tidbits, especially for brides! Hope this helps out some of you having trouble getting your contouring juuuuuust right. I know it helped me!

If you want to see the picture bigger, just click on it.



3 Responses to “Contouring & Blush”
  1. Lizzie Lizz says:

    Hey!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEEE ur site. I’m sooo interested in make up an its a new thing sooo im really tryin to get good at it…..Gonna have a get together with a couple of my friends jus sooo we can try out ur ideas. I ABSOLUTELY love them….and sooo do my friends…. U’d probably be surprised to kno that im from jamaica, haha an i found ur videos on you tube an i cudnt help but keep watchin them. N e ways….keep up the stuff.

    Lizz, Lovin it Up !

  2. Cadetaholic says:

    heyah… i love your videos and your website is so cool…. i really enjoy playing around with makeup and trying new hairstyles, but i have learnt loads by watching your videos so just wrote a comment to say thankyou

  3. ikram says:

    Hello, I do not speak English, please can put yourselves subtitles in french in this video:
    And clarify the mark(brand) and each of the colors which you chose please!!!

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