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CCO Haulage

July 30, 2008 by  
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Last week I went out on a hunt for a new mascara and thought I’d check out my nearest Cosmetic Company Outlet store. Unfortunately, I walked in with the goal of purchasing a new mascara, but instead walked out with six eyeliners, one eyeshadow, and no mascara. Either way, I thought I’d share my new, gorgeous little babies with you all.

Here’s what I purchased:

MAC Silverplate Powerpoint Eye Pencil
MAC Handforged Powerpoint Eye Pencil
MAC Amber Ember Cremestick Pearl Liner
MAC Greenplay Liquidlast Liner
MAC Auto Orange Liquidlast Liner
MAC Molten Sol Liquidlast Liner
MAC Typographic e/s





4 Responses to “CCO Haulage”
  1. Jenni says:

    Grrrrrrrr I have been looking all over for that Molton Sol! Our CCO doesn’t have it and its sold out at all the counters around here :( Jealous!

  2. Marisol says:

    At least you got a fab haul out of it. Have you tried CG LashBlast? That is currently my fave.

  3. kuuipo1207 says:

    Marisol—-that’s funny you should ask, cause I just took some comparison pics between CG LashBlast and Maybelline’s new Colassal…getting ready to post it in a few. :)

  4. Johanna says:

    OMFG! You have a MAC outlet store nearby? I just can’t believe it. You’re so blessed; I think I have to migrate… So that I don’t have to pay ridiculous prices like over 30$ for a simple brush…
    Anyways, I kind of feel happy for you! ^.^

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