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Urban Decay Pigments: Godsend or Hellbound?

February 5, 2008 by  
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Apparently Urban Decay is feeling the need to be like some of the other leading makeup companies out there and has decided to add loose pigments to their line of cosmetics.

I’m not sure how I feel about these. Don’t get me wrong…I love the two UD palettes that I have, and wouldn’t trade them for anything (except for maybe a couple of MAC Pro Pigments that I can’t seem to get my hands on), and I absolutely love the way their Primer Potion works. With the beautiful pigmentation that their eyeshadows have, how could their pigments not live up to expectation, right? At least, that’s my line of thinking…and yet you all are wondering “Well, why, if you think the color payoff would be pretty good, do you sound so iffy, Francine?”

I guess the reason I am so skeptical about these pigments is that I am still feeling pretty pissed and burned up about UD ripping off their consumers with the packaging of the Primer Potion. And when looking at the ridiculous little brush that comes on the pigment lid, as well as Urban Decay’s description of their no-mess/no-spill jar, it makes me wonder how easy it would be, or should I say, how easy it WOULDN’T be to get the maximum amount of product for the price you have to shell out.

Let’s make a quick comparison, shall we? MAC pigments cost $19.50 USD for 0.26 ounces of pigment. Urban Decay is charging a flat $20.00 for 0.04 oz…that’s right, 0.04. No I did not make a typo with that extra zero. That means Urban Decay is charging you $0.50 more (yeah, I know big whoopty-do) for 15% less product than what you get from MAC. I knew that 15% would catch your attention. Yep, they’re charging MORE for LESS…not to mention they’re silly little funnel like lid which will probably be more of a nuisance than a savior when the pigment starts to get low (sound familiar? ::cough::UDPP::cough::).

I’m beginning to wonder if Urban Decay really thinks their customers are really so stupid that we won’t eventually catch on to their little games to rob us blind. But I guess I’ll just have to wait to see these in person to know if I can be put into a blinded stupor by something sparkly and colorful. If any of you already have these, leave me a comment with your opinion on them.


16 Responses to “Urban Decay Pigments: Godsend or Hellbound?”
  1. the Muse says:

    I must admit these aren’t so thrilling although prior to reading your blog I was most ranting because of the fact that these are all colors in the lineup already!

    Couldn’t they afford to do some of the regular colors plus new colors? That would have been nice.

    I must say that the packaging on UD is a rip to the max. I should hope they aren’t thinking we are so dumb that we don’t realize the packaging is hiding a small amount of product.

    I enjoy UD and it used to be a staple for me but it does have some serious flaws :P


  2. Kuuipo1207 says:

    My Darling Muse—I noticed the same thing about the colors and all I kept thinking was “That’s it?!?!” If I wanted to get the same color in multiple formats of loose or pressed, I’d go to NYX and spend a fortune less!! Haha!

  3. pechan says:

    Hi girls,

    i think that they rely exclusively on their cruelty free customers, who can’t buy others brands like MAC …
    So i don’t think they worry about the thing that there is less product in their bottle than MAC for exemple.
    Don’t you think ?

  4. Kuuipo1207 says:

    Pechan—-I had not thought of that. That’s a very good point you bring up. I still don’t think it’s very fair for Urban decay to play on that issue and still create packaging like they do, but it’s still a very good point! :)

  5. Thushaa says:

    Ouch, harsh but wow, now that I think about it, your totally right. I feel sick just thinking about wanting to go pick these up. I think I’ll pass on this just because of the caculations you did. Urban Decay.. hmm we hate them but still love them. They’ve caught us all in a rut!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I bought one and so far I like the packaging. It comes with it’s own little brush, which is really nice on the go! I’m often putting on makeup after work in the office bathroom and don’t want to carry brushes in my purse. The funnel shape isn’t a problem like the PP, ’cause it’s just a handle, there’s no product inside that part. The stuff is in a straight tube, so you can pour it out into a tub if you like that better, but I really like the built in brush thing they’ve got going on.

    I don’t buy MAC (In addition to the animal testing thing, I’m really allergic to a lot of it) so the comparison doesn’t phase me as much as it would others, I suspect! ^_^

  7. pechan says:

    I’m not disapointed either , i buy Urban because they don’t test and i’m still very happy that there is a brand so interesting which don’t test… But, you know i guess you have some opportunities to get them cheaper (on ebay for exemple)to compensate for the lack of product in the bottle ^^ …
    But, i admit that it’s maybe not fairplay from them .

  8. Marisol says:

    Someone who works at Sephora posted a review of these in a beauty forum that I belong to. This is what she said:

    “UD Pigments suck! to get one eye look decent, you need to use the WHOLE THING!!! maybe that won’t even work. that’s how bad the pigment is. it’s sooooooooooo sheer, even using a lot. i’m disappointed!”

    I won’t be getting them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    if the ud pigments are .04 ounces, it would be alot more than 15% less than the mac pigments. if the mac pigments are .26 ounces, then they are the equivalent of a little more than 6 urban decay pigments. .04 multiplied by 6 is .24…so the UD pigments are much more of bigger rip off than you claimed they were…they aren’t 15% less than the mac product, they are about 15% of the mac product! unbelievable!

  10. the Muse says:

    hi kuupio!

    sorry for my rather delayed reply :)

    100% agreement!

    I’d seriously be all over this if they had some brand new colors!

    honestly if I seen this prior to purchasing the deluxe shadows I’d have totally ended up with them!

    It’s surreal they introduced the entire line in the same exact colors as the DS’s!

    What the hell.


    Hugs ;)

    Happy Belated V-Day!

  11. Shop With A Vengeance! says:

    I don’t dig it. Saw these the other day at Ulta and, although the packaging was beautiful, definitely COULD NOT see spending $20 for them. No way. $5, maybe. Lol. They just don’t look that great to me.

  12. Erica says:

    I was really upset with this packaging. It has a “cheap loose eyeshadow” packaging feel with the brush and all. Urban Decay has great products, but the packaging is just horrible.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen advice somewhere that you should never “pump” your mascara as it forces air into the tube and dries it out inside. As a result, I don’t do that, and instead “swill”, I do the same with my UDPP and I’m going to bet that you could get out a whole lot more of the top “lump” in the packaging using that method. The thing to do re: how much their stinting you with the packaging would surely be to use one up and then cut into it and see whats left.

    Does anyone remember the old loodr powders that UD did? There were 3 colours, named after metals and you were meant to apply them wet. The packaging came double ended, one half with the powder and the other for the brush. The brush was the same as the UDPP one and getting any out with it was nigh on impossible. However, from what I remember (I had these, used them twice and lost them in the make up bag ever after) they were pretty good when applied wet.

    Eeww. That was a rather long post :S

  14. Roo says:

    As far as I know MAC is not tested on animals, sure it isn’t a vegan company but UD isn’t completely vegan either, it sells some vegan products (so do MAC btw)

  15. Chrissy says:

    I bought one UD powder back in the summer and forgot I had it up until 2 weeks ago. Used it once and thought it was too spastic to put on. It was very messy (oops, tipped the bottle slightly and the sink became sparkly instantly) and I had to brush the excess off my cheeks–to me that means the brush it comes with plain stinks. I only used it the one time and I don’t have my receipt, but if Sephora takes it back I will be one happy chick.

  16. Christina says:

    UD has them for five bucks now!!!!!!!

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