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I am so sad. :( And kinda p.o. ‘d

February 4, 2008 by  
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3 Responses to “I am so sad. :( And kinda p.o. ‘d”
  1. sassychix says:

    ur such a cute :)

  2. kate says:

    omg u are cute <3′:) I adore you so much …
    a 1000 thank yous for all the make up videos on youtube by the way.I really love them, you do a great job and you are so pretty ^^<3’3

    what is the thing at your cheek?? xO haha can’t really figure it out?? is it some kind of sticker?? :P

  3. says:

    haha. i know. i was very disappointed too.
    it was funny though when you said hung go.. opps gung ho!. =]

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