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Woohoo!! I’ve Been Tagged!

January 21, 2008 by  
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Am I one of the very few that loves getting tagged? Or am I just crazy?

Anyhoo, I was tagged by the very delicious Yummy411 and must now share with all of you the different little doodads and gadgets I carry with me in my purse.

I force myself to carry a small purse. If I carry anything any bigger, or with more compartments, then I end up carrying the kitchen sink with me. Using a smaller purse also forces me to keep it clean of trash and anything else since there’s not a lot of room. So for starters, here’s my purse all zipped up and ready for a trip to the grocery store…or to class, which I have the pleasure of starting soon (that’s sarcasm you’re sensing by the way).

Yes, I know! It’s so adorable! :P :)

Now here’s everything after it’s been dissected and it’s innards have been gutted…

Let’s start the list, shall we? Cleaning cloth for my glasses, my Palm Pilot (which I typically only carry with me and use when I am in school), C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Balm Stick, my iPod, bluetooth head piece that goes to my Razr conveniently located above it, my keys to the car/truck/storage area/and somewhere else that I don’t where that key goes, the remote control for the stereo in the truck (I have to keep it hidden in a place I know my husband won’t go in cause if he finds it and gets control of it, or finds out that it still exists, the radio station will never stop changing in the truck!), 2 pens, a sharpee with a chewed up cap (I have no idea why the sharpee was in my purse, let alone why it was chewed up), and the keyless remote entry for the truck with my house key. I keep the last two separate from my other keys so I can lock the truck while it’s warming up in the winter time, and still lock the house when I leave and get into the truck! :)

I keep my credit cards and discount cards in two handy dandy little carrier thingies that were used for birth control. When I used up the BC, I decided to keep the little pouches cause I figured they could come in handy for something, and lo and behold, they did!

Here’s my sad little purse feeling all empty inside.

If you’re wondering why there’s no makeup in there, well, it’s because it’s 5 in the morning where I’m at and I haven’t been to bed yet, and therefore I haven’t put any makeup on which leaves me with no lipstick/gloss/liner or compact powder to put in my purse since I’m heading off to bed as soon as I publish this. Wow! Was that a run-on sentence or what?!?! My favorite English teacher would seriously be shaking his head at me right now! Night everyone…or morning, if you’re just getting up!

Oh yeah! Almost forgot! I’m tagging EmsyJay, Julie, Stephie, and Tina.


3 Responses to “Woohoo!! I’ve Been Tagged!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Let’s see… the Military Star Card, USAA & ID all look way too familiar. My husband’s military as well, we just moved from Camp Pendleton, CA.

    I read your blog and watch your videos all the time. You’re a natural…keep up the great work.

  2. Claudine says:

    The new look of your blog is amazing! I love reading you! :)

  3. Kuuipo1207 says:

    Anon: Thanks for reading! It’s always nice to find a fellow military wife who enjoys my blog! :D

    Claudine: Thanks! It’s still a work in progress though, lol. I’ve spent all weekend researching and trying new things and I still a couple more tweaks I want to do before I’ll be completely happy with it. But thank you for your feedback! :D

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