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Beauty From The Earth Swatches

January 23, 2008 by  
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Here are swatches of some of the Multipurpose Minerals that I have from Beauty From The Earth. I have quite a few more BFTE minerals, but I haven’t had a chance to swatch them yet. As soo as I do, though, I’ll put them up for you guys!

With flash.

Top Row: Midnight Blue, Purple Irises, Steel, Black.
2nd Row: Peacock, Ocean Mist, Sage, Green Apple
3rd Row: 24K Gold, Sunkissed, Coral, Amaryllis
Bottom: Dusty Rose

In Direct Sunlight.

Applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion, all in natural lighting.

I’ve received a lot of questions in my youtube mail and comments about what I think of BFTE products and if I think they are really worth it.

First of all, I must say this. I have never used mineral products before. When I first started using BFTE, it was the first mineral makeup that I had ever had the chance to try. That being said, let’s move on to my thoughts on BFTE.

I personally really enjoy using their products. I have a jar of their foundations, quite a few multipurpose minerals, a mineral veil, and their Ultimate kabuki brush. Overall, I am really impressed with their products. On some makeup forums, I had seen some FOTD’s where mineral makeup was used, and I just wasn’t impressed. I’m very big on eyeshadow colors (if you couldn’t tell from some of my videos), so color selection, product quality, and color payoff are very, very important factors for me when it comes to makeup. In my honest opinion, I feel that BFTE has met my standards. The color selection and payoff are what sold me on these products. The colors are bright and playful. There can be some fall-out when applying them, but using the right brush can also minimize the amount of fall-out. I find that the Loew Cornell 3/8″ Maxine’s Mop brush (which is comparable to the MAC 239) is great for applying these wonderful pigments and also isn’t a bad brush to use for blending lightly.

As for their foundation, I think it’s wonderful! It gives me the coverage I desire, but feels light at the same time! I’d more than likely opt to where this foundation when summertime comes and the humidity rises. I’ve actually opted to wear my BFTE foundation in my recent videos, just cause it does the trick and is much quicker to put on compared to my Clinique foundation. Their kabuki brush (which is the first kabuki brush I’ve owned) is super soft and feels nice against my skin as I’m buffing out my foundation.

Overall, if you’re interested in mineral makeup, it could definitely be worth your while to check them out. If nothing else, you can get some really pretty colors that I don’t have any MAC dupes for (i.e., Green Apple, Ocean Mist…)


3 Responses to “Beauty From The Earth Swatches”
  1. Camila says:

    I’m from Brazil, and I watched one of your videos on you tube. I really liked the way you do with the shadows.
    I hope to see more types..
    Thank you!

  2. Beautyful Habit says:

    OMG this is such a major coincidence… I came across a number of your videos on youtube the other day and posted them on my myspace for my readers because I thought they were just fabulous and what do you know I stumbled literally stumbled across your blog today and I am so super excited to know that I will be able to come back and get a daily dose of all your fabulousness!!! Please keep up the fabulous work I am a beauty fanatic but not yet really good with eye shadows you definately have a good thing going hun!!! I’m stoked!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve purchased a lot of BFTE’s multipurpose minerals, and I LOVE them. They’re sheer enough for day, but when you apply them wet they’re awesome. Thank you for recommending them!

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