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Who Says Brown Eyes Can’t Have Fun?!

June 21, 2007 by  
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Ok. So I remember when I was in middle school, I had this one teacher who had brown eyes, but she would wear blue or green eyeliners, and my friends would make fun of her behind her back about wearing an eyeliner that clashed with her eye color. Now granted, that was all she would wear—no eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick—with a touch of mascara, so it didn’t really look all that great. However, I also remember hearing that people who have brown eyes should not, under any circumstances, wear blue eyeshadow–or any other color for that matter other than browns and neutrals.
Now, I was wondering-Who made up this rule?! Why should the only people who get to have fun with colors be people with blue, green or hazel eyes?! That’s like saying “blondes have more fun” or “red-heads are quick to lose their temper”! Now while I know a couple of red-heads who suit that statement, it’s not always true. This rule applies to wearing eye makeup too. I have your basic, boring, brown eyes, and alot of times, I see questions on yahoo answers like “I have brown eyes. What type of neutral colors will make my eyes pop?”
Fact is guys and girls, you can wear whatever your little heart desires. Fun and flirty has branched out to everyone now, and it’s not just the blodnes with the blue eyes who get to have all the fun. As long as you know how to pick colors to compliment your skintone, and as long as you know how to blend those colors, you can get away with wearing anything! Wearing makeup is all about two things: 1) wearing it to look the way you want it to look, and 2) wearing it to make you look the way you want to look. Don’t fall into the stereotypical society that believes you should only wear one color and one color alone. Granted, some colors make your eyes stand out more than other colors; but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself. On that note, here’s a video on wearing blue eyeshadow…and I have brown eyes.

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